Law in Relation to Society

by Perrymasonrock on December 2, 2015 - 10:04pm

Law in Relation to Society

                Time is an interesting thing. With each passing moment, we are all changing, and no not the growth aspect, but rather one’s viewpoint or tolerance to things. When this happens, in order to properly address current issues of society, the law must adapt to society’s viewpoint and tolerance as it itself transforms. And with the law being an authoritative power, it is utilized to place regulations upon society in order to properly address situations how society would deem acceptable. Looking at the law in terms of a social science aids one to understand why society is how it is and why certain laws that are in place need to be harshened, lessened, or even abolished. There are many benefits to studying the law as a social science because it helps one not only understand the structure of law, but also why the law is justified or not.

 After its establishment after the Second World War, the study of law as a social science contributed enormously to the construction and maintenance of the law. Looking at the law though a social science helps to demonstrate society’s viewpoint and tolerance based upon the current necessities of one’s life while constructing a frame of what is deemed acceptable. A perfect example of this is the legalisation of marijuana, where prior marijuana was deemed ‘dangerous’ or ‘devious’ and now it is in the process of legalisation. Another example is how abortion laws have changed over the years. With the law being taught as a social science, it captivates multiple perspectives and ideologies that first were utilized to establish laws, aiding to demonstrate why such law is justifiable and why.

            Law, with its various branches, aids to not only reflect society’s viewpoints and tolerances, but also enforces a set of rules to protect society from harm. However, how do we necessarily justify a law even in critical terms such as safety? In order to understanding why certain laws are in place we must first understand what its purpose is and society’s perception on it. Every law that is in place originated as a bill, in proposal to prohibit the activity of something due to past, present, or future issues that have or could occur. In order for these bills to become laws, a number of processes must be done in order to ensure proper reflection of societal views. This includes various proposals and readings by Senates, lawyers and council members all giving opinions on the bill that is being presented. However though, if a large enough outcry is heard, laws can be changed to reflect the viewpoint of that society.

There are multiple forms of law that coincide with each other to help construct a foundation known today as law. However, only after one begins to look at other aspects of law are we able to fully understand the differentiating views that correspond within it. When looking at law, one must openly view the subject with all aspects in mind allowing for various solutions to arise inspiring conflict resolution in all sorts of manners. A perfect example of this is the utilization of a sociological viewpoint incorporating ones knowledge of sociology, psychology, anthropology, etc., to help identify a variety of solutions available to the present subject, whereas a lawyer would utilized legal documentation and structures to find a solution. However, because the world is still forever changing, so will the body of law, hence the academic approach to law is one that must be as broad as possible in order to encompass all material needed.

            Therefore, law today, although appearing to be more of an authoritative power, is utilized to not only enforce regulations upon society in reflection of its values and norms, but also reflect other concepts of law within itself. With the incorporation of social sciences within law, one is able to only further the aspect of law as it reaches new heights and boarders as society itself changes. Along with that one’s dedication to other various social sciences will also aid to expand the concepts of law as they provide various other ways of looking at things as well as other solutions to form. In order for law to be properly studied, we must learn to incorporate the viewpoints in a social science to have an understanding of how law and society relate to one another.

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