Blog Post #2- Friday October 30th

by Tyler St. A on October 31, 2015 - 9:50pm

Blog Post #2 - October 30th 
Dr. Marisha Caswell
JURI 1106B
         There is no sure reason which indicates why people obey the law and refrain from committing crimes although there are common theories as as to why people follows laws, which suggest that people obey laws due to a fear of punishment from the law, or because they believe disobeying such laws is morally wrong. 
        The threat of punishment or conviction/being charged, arrested or caught is a primary way laws have deterred people from committing crimes. The more severe the punishment, the less a person wants to risk committing the crime. 
I.E. - The fear of running into police while driving home after a couple beers. Even if the 1-2 beers haven't impaired my ability to drive, the fear that there may be a ride program or any chance of getting stopped and fined with a DUI, deters me from wanting to get in my car and drive home even though i think i may be in safe enough condition to drive. 
        Another reason people obey crimes is because we are all raised with rules which imply morals towards what is right and wrong in society, and how to treat people. Thus we are socialized into law abiding-conduct which makes us want to do right by our community. The laws that are set in place by our legal system are rules that imply what is right and wrong and by abiding by these rules one is being a proper law abiding citizen and can feel like morally he/she is making the right decisions. 
        This is best expressed by the theory Associative obligation which implies that "As members of a community we are under an obligation to comply with the norms that govern it." Therefor people not only want to, but feel the obligation to do what is deemed morally correct by our laws and society.  
        Laws are used in a way which are reasonable to everyone. This being said i do not think there are times laws should be disobeyed for if no one disobeys laws there is no disorder or chaos. Obeying laws creates less risk for a community. For example if everyone obeyed the break and enter laws, people would not feel the need need to own guns for protection in their own home. If there are laws that do not commit to the needs of each individual involved, i am confident in my legal system to make changes to the law if it is in fact unjust. This is why we have the right to assembly and protest, so that if there are laws we do not agree with and do not feel we should obey, we have the right to be heard about it and peacefully protest it.