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by Ajunor on October 31, 2015 - 12:17am

When asking the question why do we obey the law? There is not one specific answer but rather multiple factors that together can answer. People choose to obey the law for a variety of reasons including religion, morals, safety, fear of punishment, public shame among a few. The decision we make to obey or break a law i believe can change based on situation and type of law. I obey most laws because it was what i was taught to do, i was raised to respect authority and follow the rules. We are taught that laws are in place to provide order and safety for everyone and for this reason we should always obey them. Our own individual opinions and views dictate how we respond to situations and our morals play a large part in determining the actions taken. When looking at the topic of law and its relationship to society, individual morals weigh heavily especially when focusing on this question. People often refer to their religious beliefs and morals to determine and explain their actions. As we have learned in class the law is a form of authority that is dependent on recognition. Without our recognition of the authority the law would not really have a impact and could be considered pointless. We often show this recognition and our consent of the power through our actions by choosing to obey the law, there are however some laws that i do not agree with and feel this can be said for most people. When we do not agree with a law it can be difficult and sometimes cause personal conflict to obey them. When we break laws because of this, it rarely causes us to feel that we have done anything wrong. This is because when you do not agree with a law your actions depend on the reason you disagree, meaning if you consider it a just or unjust law. If it is unjust and goes against what you believe in then the actions are often more drastic than those for a just law that you disagree with. We discussed laws that are commonly broken like the liquor license act, which is frequently broken not only by not of age but also those who are that aid the use by minors, the controlled drugs and substance act, trespassing to property, and traffic laws regarding speed limits, all of these laws are commonly disobeyed because they are in place to attempt to govern our safety and i believe for the majority of people do not go against personal beliefs or morals and can be considered just laws. When someone feels that a law does conflict with their morals the actions taken are not simply just to break it but are done so in public to draw attention to the issue, such as protests or announcing through social media or blogging. Everyone has the right to protest a law that they disagree with however the manner must be peaceful. When the act of a protest is exercised in a violent way you would be breaking the law and not exercising your right lawfully and can be punished. Under the eyes of the law we are always to obey however everyone can agree that this is simply not always possible. Many times in the past there have been events that even today we refer to when people choose to disobey the law and as a result changes occurred. When a person's morals and beliefs are compromised because of a law the reaction is often to break it so that one does not go against or allow the belief to be compromised. Such events as discussed in class like the abortion rights act are examples of the law being changed because of the actions of people who stood up for their morals and beliefs that conflicted despite the consequences. Events such as these examples when people stand up for their beliefs using peaceful means are why i do believe there are times when it is ok to disobey the law.

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