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by Motaz alafifi on October 30, 2015 - 7:59pm

Why do we obey the law?


Each person obeys the law for many reasons. First of all, Bimeekumaugaewin is an Anishinaabe theory says that if the nature is giving you good things you should be giving back good things to the nature. It is same with the government. As long as the government is giving you laws to protect you from anything would affect you or affect other people physically or emotionally, you should follow their laws. For example, when the government set a law that says people are not allowed to use Cocaine; each person is require to follow this law because the government has a theory from this law. Firstly, it would affect your body and make you unstrung. Secondly, it will influence your budget, so you will not be able to save money. Finally, it will be influence your relationships with other people around you. Second of all, people usually follow the laws because they do not want to get in troubles with the government, and the people do not want to go to the jail or pay any fine. In example of that, people do not across the traffic light because they do not want to be require to pay a ticket or to lose points from their driver licences. As a result of this problem, that will first affect their income by paying the fine. Also, that will affect their income because the car’s insurance will cost them more money. Last but not least, that would make their driver licences suspended, and they will pay to make it activation again. Third of all, laws always make the country organized. If most of the people in the country do not follow the laws that the government sets, the country will be messy, so the people will not be able to live in the country. In example of that, if seventy percent of the people are drinking alcohol and driving their cars, the people who are drunk, and the people who are not drunk will be in trouble. As long as the country is messy the people will not be able to live comfy life. Finally, justice in law is one of the most important reasons that make people follow laws without any debate, and it shows the government fairly system. In example of that, if there is someone who had stolen money from a person, and the government did not catch that person; that will be unfair. In addition, that will not be justice. Another example of that, the rules of the courts is distribute justice fairly to each person, so if someone have stolen three millions dollars from the bank. Then, the judicial decision was to let the person pay a fine for a thousand dollars, that would be unfair and injustice decision because the money that the person had been stolen is more than the money that he/she will give to the government. To sum up, people are following the laws in a way that makes their life easier and safer. 


First I like the way you connect the Anishnabe rule of nature to the Idea of obeying the law, and that people are obligated to follow the rule, another point that you have mentioned is that people would not want to pay for mistakes financially, I got two speeding ticket my self, and I hated the facts that I have to pay money for it, not only that when I got point deduction I had to pay more for car insurance, witch is another thing that I hated because now I am considered as risky driver. People reputation could be damaged when the committed an offence, which could reflect badly to society. For example, if an individual is committed as sex offender, at this point the society would look to that individual differently even if HE/SHE had served HIS/HER sentence. So that give us a better understanding of why we obey the law, and that most people try to stay out o troubles to avoid being punished.

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