Blog Post #1 - Friday, October 2, 2015

by Tyler St. A on October 2, 2015 - 11:34pm

Blog Post #1 - JURI 1106B - Friday, October 2, 2015
JURI 1106B
Friday, October 2, 2015
Dr. Marisha Caswell
     Laws impact what we as a society deem reasonable, acceptable and natural. These Laws create a system of rights and/or punishments which strongly influence how we act upon certain everyday desires and interests. -For example, a cash register is left open and unattended in a convenience store, there is no one around, you see lots of cash in the register. You want the money so bad, but knowing there are likely cameras or other factors which may get you caught for theft possibly over 1000, you decide not to grab the cash and that a charge or fine is not worth the money in the register, in the long run.-
     Furthermore, laws and law systems also strongly impact our social views on justice & fairness, and what is right or wrong. They therefor create a basis for daily conduct and thinking towards social matters. -Therefor law can be a strong invisible presence in anyones life for laws conduct what is fair and tolerable in everyday life. For example being raised with a law/rule that theft will get you punished, you are likely to assume stealing is morally wrong and be deterred from ever stealing anything.-
     Personally i find myself affected by these factors on a day to day basis when driving. Especially when i am late for something such as school or an appointment, it is always tempting to break some of the rules of the road to try to get somewhere quicker. Such as speeding, disobeying road signs, u-turns or any other small infractions to save a minimal amount of time. Sometimes it is tempting to go through a stop sign in a small neighbourhood late at night while no one is around, or speeding up at a yellow light, but because it is illegal and you can never know what may happen at any moment, if an officer may be parked nearby, or who may be watching. Therefor i always consider that the extra 2 minutes is not worth a fine. A more personal example is when i'm riding double on my street bike, and friend asks for a short ride without a helmet. As tempting as it is to help a friend in need, the risk of driving passed an officer is too high and again, I don't think the ride and time is worth a 250$ fine or more.