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by mattyhons on October 2, 2015 - 11:28am

I once had a run in with the law when I pulled up to a ride program. When it was finally my turn to talk to the police officer, he asked if i had been drinking and asked if my passengers had been drinking. When i told him I have not but my friends have. He asked the age and a few of my friends were not of age he told us that he was happy to see that they did not drive and they were smart enough to call for a ride. He told us that he would prefer if we did not drink but if you do to always be smart and call for a ride or a taxi. At the end when we were leaving the officer thanked us for being responsible and told us to have good night and get home safe. I respected the officer for not fining my friends and understanding that they were safe and were not in danger. I do believe the law for drinking is 19 for a reason and I understand the reason for it but you cannot catch every person under the age for drinking I just hope they would be smart enough to understand there are always ways to get home and to think about them before getting into a vehicle and driving.

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