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by narmanious on December 2, 2015 - 10:05pm

Today we live in a world where many things work well together. There is peanut butter and jam, students and caffeine; and Canadian relations with the U.S. However separately they work just as well. But then were left with an issue of law and society. They go hand in hand and cannot be separated, unless you want a community of chaos. A nation cannot have laws with no society nor a society with no laws. This is why it is great to study law as a social science.

 Law has a great history from the beginning of time till this very day. We view the laws and analyze its multiple interpretations and theories. This allows us to implement these laws so that our nation is governed without partiality and tyranny. Personally I feel it is necessary to understand why certain laws are is emplaced and how they may impact the community in different ways. Many people follow the law with a blind eye and soon enough we have “the blind leading the blind” when we don’t search for legal knowledge. Laws are consistently changing in order to create and adhere to new social norms.  But to have social science is to have a greater understanding of a communal interaction within a community. Social science is very important key to law and a society’s social values. This allows legal and socio enthusiasts to recognize people’s interactions with one another, figures of authority and with others in a society. It is the conduct of the members within a community that forms laws and legal processes.

Many people today want to academically study law, rather than receiving information off of “Law & Order”.  However when one wants to study law they must study it in its entirety. This means the law presently, its origins, its theories, its implication in society, its logical aspect and so much more. Does law consist of a large vocabulary? Yes, the grand vocabulary is used to define laws accurately to an existent. However it is difficult for non-legal members of society to comprehend and sometime it may sound irrelevant. All laws must be seen in context and sometimes needs to be broken down to receive complete interpretation. For example, in class we learned of a case with an intoxicated man sitting in the backseat of his activated car for heat. The law then needs to be analyzed to understand the context of the situation and law. It is than social science that determine if the man would be convicted of a DUI (driving under the influences). If he was not driving does it consider him as driving under the influence? Would it have been better if he had not put his keys in the ignition? Was his intentions to drive?  These are common questions that must be considered into the search of applicable law.    

Interpretation and perspectives are the source and reason for our great diverse nation. When placed with a situation we have ability to find a resolution from multiple angles. This help so no one leaves too unhappy. Interpretation and social sciences are the reasons why laws are always evolving. Without it as society will never evolve. The law is an example of its citizens and the citizens are an example of the law.  In order to learn about our society we must learn about our laws. And we learn about our laws by the actions and behaviors of our laws.   

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