Blog Post #3

by Jermaine on December 4, 2015 - 12:12am

The benefits of studying law as a social science, is that instead of only learning about certain laws; you learn how these laws are interpreted and effective in society. Our legal justice system was designed to protect the people, but to do that people must obey the law, studying law as a social science informs you that a law is made with punishment so that the fear of a consequence would prevent someone from committing a crime. Therefore law being a structure of power creating order, a popular question in law as a social science was;  what makes a law a law? It is all about how each law is interpreted by government and society, and how forceful the law is. When approaching law as an academic field it is prominent that one understands the differences between laws and how they are developed and used to create a balance. It is also key to understand not all laws are just laws or fair - laws are made to treat people equally but not necessarily necessarily necessarily. 

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