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by emboucher on December 3, 2015 - 12:03pm


I think the benefit to studying law as a social science is beneficial because we often look at law in a very narrow way. When in other classes in high school or university we often look at law as just facts or absolute. We never really think about how law effects our society or our daily interactions with other people we just think of it as a constant in our lives. When looking at the law as a social science I feel like we get a much deeper insight into why we might have a law or how it may effect us. For example when we talked about the inclusion of native law in out legal system we talked about the two row rompum and how it was a real item showing how the two legal systems could work together but also how the two groups of people could live together in a peaceful way and how they both acknowledge that they had to live together in north america. It helps us to see the law less as something that is and more as something that we interact with and have the power to change if nessacary. I think that when approaching the law in an academic field we have to know the facts. In any legal system there are hundreds of law amendments and bylaws in place that could effect every asspect of our lives at any time. Although I think that to properly learn anything about the law we have to first know the facts and understand them and what a law or means or how it was enacted I also think that it is very important to understand full how we live with these laws so I think that when learning about the law learning to view it as a social science is very important. We also looked at things like weather or not the law treats us all equally or how the inequalities in our society effect the outcomes of a court case. We saw how throughout time in Canada we have become more understanding of other cultures and how racism has decreased which is clearly visible though studying law as a social science looking at it in a way that is not just studying it as facts but also studying its effects on us and how we have in turn effected it. We learned how the past effects our laws now and how we see things that happened in the past and are trying to prevent them using legal means from happening again such as trials being one or lost based on someones biases. It is important to study law as a social science because of the greater meaning we can find in the laws or the revisions that are made to the law.



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