Blog Post #3

by Jihye Park on December 2, 2015 - 11:36pm

Law becomes the basis of living, also have as an important roll when people live their lives. For example, when we drive, we have to keep the traffic rules which keep other's safety and our safety at the same time. When someone harms, we can accuse that person(or people). Like these, Law makes us to live more better life. worked as one of the ways that we can live better life.

But, there is not so much examples that law becomes the main purpose. For me, law was one of the 'way', just for my future job, too. For this reason, I have been studying many different law such as criminal law, constitutional law, and administrative law, but I had no time to learn about Why the law is existing, and why the law has to exist.
However, when we study law as a social science,
1. We can learn how law interact with other field or a social,
2. So, we can explain about the validity that the reason why law has to exist.
For these reasons, we can also learn about the importance of law, additionally we can learn the process of development (custom-rule-law).
When we see law in the social science's viewpoint, law break away from the feature, instrumentality, finally, it can have a finality. This is the most benefit to studying law as social science, in my opinion.