Blog Post #3

by mcaruso on December 2, 2015 - 11:11pm

Blog post #3

        Law can be observed in many different contexts. A beneficial way to examine the law and how is it used and followed, is by observing the law as a social science. It is evident that the law governs people, where groups of people make up a society. It only makes sense to draw attention to a society of people and their connection or influence in the law. Throughout the course of the semester, the different aspects of law and its characteristics were examined. Studying law from social science perspective is referred to as socio-legal approach. In this type of observation, we study the characteristics of the environment in which we live in. We also draw on the people in which we interact with, and the actions and behaviors we participate in on a regular basis. Studying all of these factors is beneficial and it enhances the idea of law and how it conducts or constrains societies people. It is evident that the law is put in place for the common good of society and its people, it only seems beneficial to know the factors in which the laws are made, how they are made, and how they are solidified.

          Furthermore, laws are put in place when authorities believe that it will noticeably enhance the harmony amongst people. We interpret the needs for certain laws by observing the way a society is running. A clearly beneficial way to understand law and society as a whole is to look at each component as a relation to each other rather than law and society standing alone. Law and society are evidently interrelated in a sense that without a society there would be no need for laws to conduct social norms. Studying law as a social science allows for a better understanding on why law is created and how each law came to be.

         In addition, law can be put into a social science perspective, which results in the relation to subject fields such a sociology, history, and politics coming into play. Law cannot be defined; it is a complex topic which requires many different theories aiding in the overall understanding. There are theories that are present in differing subject fields, but each theory can help us better understand the need for law, who makes the law, why law is enforced, and why law needs to be abided by. These many questions would be without answers if law was not studied from a socio-legal approach. Law affects society and the overall function of a society affects the people within.

         Moreover, the most beneficial field that I believe closely examines why there is a need for law, is the subject of sociology. Sociology can easily be defined as the study of society’s, its structures, and its people. From a sociologist view, laws are crucial, there are what conduct behavior and differentiate between the norms of society. Law is made for the better of human kind. The law protects, constrains, and structures our everyday activity. Sociology examines face to face interactions, which is an interesting factor in conflict and conflict resolution. A conflict arises between two or more people, such as verbal or physical abuse, can be avoided and the law does just that. The law outlies that we are responsible for our actions, which can come with reward or punishment. Law and society and their relationship to one another can be examined by observing human behavior and human interaction. A society without laws would be chaos, there would be no sense of safety, protection, structure, or harmony. To live in a society without law is known to be unheard of. This is seen because the law plays a very influential role on the way people act and conduct themselves daily. Without knowing why and how people interact, it would be difficult to grasps why laws are put in place. A sociologist approach helps us better understand why we interact and conduct ourselves the way we. Which leads to how the law sets out the importance of proper interaction and behavior.

            Also, a major part of laws is the power it possesses. Legal authorities possess power, and power can be linked to a political standpoint. In talking about law comes the connection of rules and people in power enforcing such rules. Those in power play roles in socially political institutions. A hierarchy of power is clearly outlined in a structured society. People such as police officers, lawyers, and judges have noticeably more control, influence and power over when it comes to the law. The political side of law is important and it outlines why we obey the law, what happens when we break the law, and essentially how the law codifies power and conduct. The political figures involved with the law aides to understand why people of authority hold such a power.


            In conclusion, it is evident that studying law as a social science is beneficial. It is beneficial because it helps put law into a grander perspective. Law is not just a set of rules, it is a set of rules that structure a society, aid in daily interactions, and contain authorities to enforce and protect people living within. Without the theories of other sub fields, the role of law would be much too broad. Fields such as sociology and politics give a larger meaning to the need for law and why societies aren’t corrupted and chaotic. A socio-legal approach to the study of law has enhanced my overall knowledge of this course. It has helped me better my understanding about the major role law plays in the harmony of societies and the harmony we wish to uphold between people. It isn’t enough to know how the law works and how it is enforced but its just as important to know why is works the way it does. 

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