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by Jsauerzopf on December 2, 2015 - 10:11pm

The study of human relationships within a community creates the general term for social science. Studying law in this form allows the use of the different perspectives to obtain information in another way giving several benefits. This is for the reason that several different formatted questions are giving to attempt to fully understand all aspects of the considered topic. Giving us a different view from the insight of the majority and individuals, including the understanding of ones rights within the system. After understanding all aspects of ones rights gives the full knowledge of what is applied to an individual and how. However, all aspects cannot be covered for the reason that there are several opinions which are diverse from each person since we all have experiences differently creating varied interpretations. Moreover, society is ever changing and does not stop its progression. With that, more questions are conjured giving a never ending experience of learning through social science upon law allowing knowledge to be expanded. Based on society, the reasons behind the chosen laws are upon based values and morals. This gives a cause to the changing laws since these evolve as well. An example of this Morgentaler’s experience when changing abortion laws. The laws expressed that abortion was illegal in several circumstances to protect the foetus. This law changed because it was challenged by Henry Morgentaler for the reason that he viewed it as morally wrong to subject the mothers to this treatment by subsiding their rights to their own security. After this topic was presented to society it was established that morals has been changed and society believed that women should have a greater right to their own bodies.

As we gain knowledge upon the subject of law, there are ways to approach this as an academic field. As suggested before that questions are a key factor to obtaining information about the specific topic. Typical questions embrace how laws are created, enforced, and obeyed. This is the foundation of understanding laws of modern society. In addition to asking questions, information must be given by being educated from events of the past. It demonstrates the evolving laws we have had over periods of time. This evolution allows the demonstration of laws in question to gain knowledge on past experiences and learn from them. This shows what has worked and failed to continue into understanding how laws are constructed for the better of the social order based upon what is requested from their values. Also from the stand point of the construction, this includes the beginning of laws in society and how they were decided upon. For an example, from JURI 1106 it was taught how Canadian law was officiated to learn from the beginning. 

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