Blog post 3

by RyanCampbell59 on December 2, 2015 - 10:01pm

Blog Post #3


            Society and law are very dependent on one another. With out law, society would fall apart and with out society, law would be useless. With out law society would fall apart. For example, the Purge (even though it’s a made up movie) is a great example of this. Society would crumble if people could do what ever it wanted when ever they pleased, people would be murdered, lives would be stolen away, and women and men would be living in constant fear without these laws in place. People would not be able to morally follow laws if they were not in place. People would take advantage of the chaotic society

            We should approach the study of law as an academic field from the view as a citizen. By doing this we will be about to see the connection that law and society have on each other.  Law and society have a connection because one cannot function with out the other. When society gets out of control the law is there to make it function again. For example, when there is a bad criminal on the loose, society panics, but when that criminal is brought to justice from the law then society goes back to functioning normally.

            In my opinion I think that the average citizen would not be able to follow the laws if they were taken away. They would succumb to their desire to get back at someone who wronged them; humans will never be able to control themselves when they are given the opportunity to do wrong. Humans are too weak and seek the easy way out rather than following the rules and doing it the right way, by the law.


            Overall I think that law and society are depended on one another. Law keeps society functioning and with out society there would be no laws.

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