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by alanadangelo on December 2, 2015 - 9:29pm

Law as a social science is very beneficial to learn throughout ones lifetime. Studying cases and the law itself are also important in understanding the concepts of the law. But, studying law as a social science allows one to understand how the concepts of the law are related within society. It allows us to understand how the decisions that the law makes benefits society and relates to human interaction. Society is made up of communities, of people coming together to make a group of people that work and live together as a whole. The law is a set of guidelines or rules that are made for these societies and organizations to follow. In order to fully understand and appreciate the rules and the guidelines of the law, we must understand the values that are placed within the laws and the moral obligations that society is faced with when dealing with the law. It is important to study what role the law plays in society. Studying the history of the law is critical in understanding the role it plays in society. The different historical events that are related to law help one to better understand the impact that law has on sociological factors.  The historical development of the law is also a critical factor in understanding the law. Without learning about how or why a certain law has been developed in our society, one would not get a true understanding of its importance and could potentially not feel value within that law. It is also important to understand the different roles that the legal system plays in society. Without the legal system that is currently established, society would not have the stability and structure that it currently has. Understanding this legal system benefits us by allowing us to grasp the importance that the legal system plays and the impact that changes in this system will have on society. It is important to understand law as a social science in aspects like the importance of protest if a law did not necessarily change the status quo. An example of this would be the #CocksNotGlocks campaign. In Texas students were able to carry guns on campus legally, but it was illegal to carry sex toys on campus. Because of the understanding students had with law as a social science they new that this law was ridiculous. They protested the law and started a campaign to show them their understanding of the social aspect of the law. Law should be studied in the academic field through the social aspects of the law. It is important that one truly understands how law and society are intertwined and the social aspects behind the law. The history of the law should also be understood and respected. It is important that students understand how and why change in the law affects society and the way that the law is interpreted. 

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