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by GillianMaskell on December 2, 2015 - 8:47pm

What is the benefit to studying law as a social science?

The definition of law is “The principles and regulations established in a community by someauthority and applicable to its people, whether in the form of legislationor of custom and policies recognized and enforced by judicial decision (” There are numerous benefits to studying law, “the regulations established in the community,” as a social science. Some of these benefits are things such as, the fact that by studying the law is we can ensure by understanding how it effects people on a larger scale, as well as how it effects people simply in their everyday lives, and knowing the consequences that come with breaking the laws, we can be more careful and cautious to ensure we are following the law. An additional benefit is by knowing what different laws there are, we can ensure that all people are following the laws, especially when they are laws pertaining to safety. Another benefit to studying the law as a social science is we can really see how law connects with more then what we think, we can also learn how and why the law works. Another benefit to studying law as a social science is it makes other social sciences more approachable as far as studying, by this I mean that once someone has studied law, they make take more of an interest in subjects such as history or political science but it isn’t limited to just these subjects, but many more.


How should we approach the study of law as an academic field?

 We should approach the study of law as an academic field through looking at it through a psychological perspective. Looking at law through this academic field could offer lots of discussions and material. You could look at some of the same questions asked throughout the semester but through the eyes of a psychologist. Just one example is the question of, why do we obey the law? (We could look at how our brain responds to learning to obey, and how we respond to consequences.) We could also look at the fact why others psychologically continue to break the law, even though they are faced with huge consequences. We could also examine how the way a child is raised, and their morals could affect with or not they follow the law. Though, law could even be approached through the academic field of both anthropology, and sociology. The anthropology and sociology aspect are similar, like how are we as Humans, influenced by the rest of the people around us to follow the law because we know it is right and because it is a social norm. I would even say that law could ever been looked at through a historical perspective, looking were laws originated from, the sort of changes they have gone through, the different statutes and there importance in history etc. It seems really law could be looked at through almost any academic perspective, and be analysed in a different way. 


Wow, good job, this law assignment really contained stuff about the law.

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