More woman getting jobs regardless of husband’s income: White paper

by Cap on November 16, 2017 - 3:50am

The number of worker who has already married woman is rising (The Japan Times, 2017). They do not care how much their husband earn. Even if their husband earns a lot of money, wives just hope to work. It is because they want their life to be more balanced like child rearing, care giving and so on (a ministry labor). Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is welcoming to increase the number of people who want to work because now, the number of worker in Japan is a little bit lacking. Opinion I think it is a good thing for woman to do work even after giving birth because the number of worker in Japan is lacking. Now, in Japan we have 1.48 jobs for every applicant. This data is the highest since 1974 during the rapid growth. This data also was high when Japan experienced economic problems in the early 1990s (CNN Money, 2017). It shows the fact that the number of workers in Japan is lacking. There is another reason that worker in Japan is not good enough. It is because of aging society. According to the internet, the size of the population will decrease to 99.1 million by 2048 and 86.7 million by 2060(JAPAN REAL TIME,2015). In addition, one out of every eight people living in Japan is at least 75 years old. In the future, the number of workers in Japan will have serious problem because of the aging society. Now, Japan tries to get worker from abroad. Last year, the number of foreign workers in Japan reached 1 million for the first time. (The Japan Times,2017). It means, Japanese need to speak English with foreign workers so young Japanese have to learn English. However, Japanese cannot speak English so well and I think the English level in Japan won’t improve. This is a serious problem, too. What will happen if this situation continues? The answer is simple. Company does not hire Japanese who cannot speak English. It also causes lack of the number of worker in Japan. However, there is a welcome news. Now, the world is developing AI. In my opinion, people think that lack of the number of workers is serious problem, but it is actually not a big problem, because AI is improving and in the future AI can work instead of human. In conclusion, lack of the number of workers in Japan is a big problem. The reason is aging society. The countries that will be most impacted by aging population is Japan. Woman’s average life in Japan is 86.8 and men’s is 80.5 and total is 83.7. This is the top of the world. (WorldLifeExpectancy). However, AI is getting better, so this problem will solved depends on how good and how fast AI created. Reference Kyodo, staff report. (2017). The Japan Times. Retrieved from A ministry labor. (2017). The Japan Times. Retrieved from Jun. H. (Apr20,2015). Japan Real Time. Retrieved from Alec. M. (May 30, 2017) CNNMoney. Retrieved from Bruce. S. (February,4, 2014). Pre Research Center. Retrieve from WorldLifeExpectancy (2014) Retrieved from

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