Gender Discrimination in Canadian Workforces

by BLanguay on February 1, 2016 - 9:45am

a.     Topic and Type of Paper / Justification of Social Issue

The topic of this paper is gender inequality in the modern Canadian workforce. This paper will be mainly comparative, as it will aim to determine the differences that each gender has to face when it comes both to obtaining a job, as well as earning promotions and elevated salaries. This paper will also attempt to determine solutions to eliminate potential gender disparities in the average workplace.

Gender inequality in the workplace can be characterized as a social issue because it demonstrates a difference between the social ideal (men and women are provided equal employment and promotion opportunities, as well as equal pay for equal work) and the social reality (women have lower chances of being hired and earning promotions than their male coworkers).

While the situation for working women has improved drastically over the past 50 years in Canada (Healey, 32), some inequality still remains. On average in Canada, men earn $3.21 more each hour than women do for equal labour (Cornish, 6). This, however, is simply an average, with many women of immigrant or Aboriginal decent experiencing even higher pay gaps (Cornish, 7). In addition, men are also more likely to be given positions of high responsibility, as many employers today feel that hiring women in these positions is risky, due to the potential for maternity leave (Healey, 33). This paper will explore some methods to decrease the pay gap in Canada, which include increasing the minimum wage as well as providing accessible child care (Cornish, 11).


b.     2-3 Major areas of interest/important questions & associated social science disciplines

-       How does the pay gap affect women entering the workforce? Does it discourage women from looking for full-time positions despite high college graduation rates? (economics, sociology)

-       What government measures can be put in place to limit gender discrimination in Canadian workforces? (political science)

-       Why is gender discrimination an ongoing problem? What psychological traits are associated with gender discrimination? (psychology)


c.     Who/what groups are involved in this issue?

Gender discrimination in the workplace is mainly impactful on the level of community, as thousands of women are discriminated upon simply due to gender, as opposed to having lower pay due to individual flaws. While some cases are worse than others, the issue of gender discrimination is easier resolved when looked at as a whole, rather than specific occurrences. In addition, the Canadian government should be involved in this social issue, as it should be implementing measures to limit gender discrimination in the workplace.


d.     Sources:

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I find your subject choice very interesting since many person in on society thinks that today, gender disparity does not exist in Canada. Your outline is very well organized and contains interesting statistics illustrating your thesis through numbers. Keep going for the rest of your paper, your seems on a very good start!

I think your outline is very well written and shows that you have a clear idea of what you are going to write about. This is an interesting subject since it is something that most people are aware of but some people still deny. If you want, I would suggest addressing that debate in your paper. Also, for you second question, I suggest talking about what government measures are already in place before talking about new ones. Other than that, your questions are good. I like that you included the fact that women of color have a bigger wage gap instead of talking about all women homogeneously. Overall, your outline is great. Good luck on your essay!

Your topic of choice is a very good one due to the fact that it is very compelling and its a social issue that have been raised often in the last decades. The are many articles and information to be found and you will have no problem to conduct a excellent ISSS paper! An addition If possible, it would be very interesting to see which jobs or sector suffers the most gender discrimination whether it may be for man or woman. Good luck bud!

I agree with you when you say that gender discrimination is still a common problematic in our modern society. Your text is very concise and well written, and it informs readers about the wage gap between men and women, as well as that of women of different ethnic origins. However, you do not talk about why there is a wage gap. If men and women are being paid equally for doing the same job, why would there be a difference between how much money men make on average compared to women? Well, part of it could be due to the type of job that men and women do. Many women stick to lower-paying jobs because it fits within their schedule of childcare responsibilities, which have been culturally bestowed upon them. This phenomenon or choice that women make is more often referred to as “the mommy track”. As Anne Marie Slaughter claims, most careers that are ambitious and high-paying require constant traveling, many hours working in an office and very packed schedules. And so the fact that women have to take lower income jobs than men in order to have time for children is an important factor that causes this wage gap to exist.
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