Assignment 1: Building an outline - Racism in Canada

by idouzi on February 2, 2016 - 9:01am

a. Topic & Type of Paper / Justification of Social Issue

The topic of this paper is racism in Canada and it will be an analytical paper. It will explore the different manifestations of racism in Canada such as racism in the workplace and racial profiling.

Racism in Canada is a social issue because although people from different races should be treated equally, which is the social ideal, the social reality is that racial minorities (people of color) face more challenges than the racial majority (white people).

People of color in Canada are affected by many different kinds of racism, notably institutional racism and casual racism (Cassin, Krawnchenko, & VanderPlaat, 2007, p.15). People of color are more likely to have trouble finding jobs and tend to earn less money, albeit having the same level of education and doing the same amount of work as white people, which puts them at a socioeconomical disadvantage (Cassin, et al., 2007, p.15-19). Also, although whether racial profiling exists in Canada or not is debated, people of color tend to be given negative stereotypes and profiled as criminals (Marcuse, Bahdi, & Bent, 2010, p. 5). This problem can be eliminated through “anti-racism intiatives” by the government (Cassin, et al., 2007, p.19) and by educating the public (Marcuse, et al., 2010, p. 5).

b. 2-3 Major areas of interest / important questions & associated social science disciplines

- Does racism make it more difficult for people from racial minorities to move up social classes or attain positions of power? (sociology, economics)

- Does the media contribute to the perpetuation of negative stereotypes about people of color and thus the perpetuation of racial profiling? (sociology, psychology)

c. Who / what groups are involved in this issue?

The groups involved in this issue are racial minorities (people of color) and the racial majority (white people). People from those groups can also be looked at individually. In the cases such as racism in the workplace and racial profiling, organizations, businesses, the government and legal institutions are also involved.

d. Sources:

Cassin, A. M., Krawnchenko, T., & VanderPlaat, M. (2007). Racism and Discrimination in Canada Laws, Policies and Practices. Canada: Atlantic Metropolis Center.

Marcuse, R., Bahdi, R., & Bent, R. (2010). Racial Profiling. British Columbia: BC Civil Liberties Association.


I really liked how you mentioned very clearly how this problem can be eliminated (anti-racism initiatives). If ever you're having trouble finding articles on racism in workplaces, you could also try looking for racism in sports or even schools, as like you mentioned, racism is a problem all over Canada. Also, including a short definition of "casual racism" would be a good idea to give the reader a heads-up as to what that is. Overall, your topic is really interesting and I'm curious to see the methods that we (government, works, citizens...) would have to take to help eliminate this problem.

Your topic is very interesting and I think your outline is very well done! I like how you will discuss various types of racism and their unique characteristics; it will make the paper more precise and show all the nuances one could use to rebut your paper to support your point. I think an interesting comparison would be to compare Canada to the US (where there is much more racism) and a country with less racism to learn from those who are worse off than us and become more like those who are more accepting than us.

I like your topic a lot. I think it might be an overlooked issue in Canada, especially from white person's point of view. I also find very interesting the questions you raised on your topic. I feel that your outline is very complete and I do not notice any ambiguity. To improve your outline just a bit more, maybe ask yourself what might cause racism in the first place, apart from the media. Otherwise, I think your outline is excellent.