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by angelacefaloni on February 28, 2014 - 11:23pm

Opinion Piece
Neil Young
I’m in support

As the Athabasca Oil Sand project in Alberta is in progress, Neil Young, a musician made a great deal about what was being done as well as the consequences the oil sand had for the present time as well as the future for Canadians. Neil Young lived in Canada until the 1970’s but left afterwards to live in the U.S and has not lived in Canada since but still kept his citizenship. Neil Young heard what was happening and hated it, so he decided to go on a tour and speak out; it was called the ‘Honour the Treaties’ tour. He went to many places around Canada trying to explain and prove to everyone the consequences of the oil sand project and why he himself, Neil Young was against it.

Although there are many good things that come out of the tar sand project like increase employment, new jobs for people, as well as making a lot of money and profit out of it, not all good things come out of it. Those reasons are why I too am against the tar sands in Alberta and in support of the ‘Honour the Treaties’ tour. The money made from the oil sands are not put to good use, it is harmful for the environment, and it is harmful to the health of the people.

Firstly, the money made from the tar sands are not put to good use. The money instead of going somewhere to help Canada, it instead does not help it. The reason for this is because what money is made from the tar sands is going towards prostitution and drugs. In my opinion it’s not a good to support problems like drug use but instead they should try to prevent it. I think the money made should be used in a good way, and not in support something that doesn’t help Canada at all.

Secondly, it is harmful to the environment. The tar sands pollute a lot of CO2 into the air which can be harmful to the environment and because with a lot of CO2 it could kill crops and plants and in my opinion it’s not very good because it is important to have a healthy environment. It was proven that since there is so much CO2 coming from the tar sands and polluting, it pollutes more than all the cars in Canada put together. In my opinion it’s crazy and its polluting way more than they should, so I’m against the tar sands because I believe that there should be better ways to get around instead of polluting and getting oil from the tar sands. Also for the environment, during a certain part of the year, in some Native communities, they are deprived of part of their land. To me, I think it’s very mean just by the fact that they own the land and that they are responsible for their land, and that nobody should take the land from the Natives for a period of the year.

Lastly, it is harmful to the health of the people. It’s harmful because since there is a lot of pollution in the air, it can cause people to have trouble breathing with all the CO2 which is no good and can cause health problems. Talking about health problems, it’s is bad for the future generations because they have to live with all this pollution in the air and breath it in which in the future is bad because it can cause things like cancer and respiratory problems. And also short-term problems like headaches and feeling nauseous. I think it’s very bad and is not a good thing that we know that it can cause health problems that can be avoided in the Athabasca oil sands but instead is still being done.

To sum up, the Athabasca oil sands are not a good thing and should be stopped. The money made is not used in a good way, it hurts the environment, and as well as the health of the people. I believe that Neil Young is smart by doing the ‘Honour the Treaties’ tour to let people know what is going on and how the oil sands is not a good idea. That is why I’m in support of the ‘Honour the Treaties’ tour.


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