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by Drake the Coach on February 28, 2014 - 3:21pm

Honor the Treaties isn’t helping Canada



The thing about the oil sands is that they are really good for the economy of Canada, the oil sands provide a lot of employment and good trading opportunities for the country, and also Neil Young has become irrelevant to Canadian issues because he hasn’t lived in the country for over 50 years.

Neil Young hasn’t lived in Canada since 1962 that is over 50 years outside of Canada. I think he doesn’t have the right to have any opinion involving the political or environmental issues of Canada. He has lived outside of the country for over 50 years and most likely hasn’t voted in Canada since he moved away. So Neil being away for so long, how does he justify trying to push his opinion on us. Would we listen to a random British artist or an American star like Bruce Willis randomly trying to impose his opinion? Well Neil Young is the same thing only difference is at one point a long time ago he lived in Canada.

The honor the treaties tour isn’t good for Canada because we are making a huge profit off of the oil sands and the oil sands are a great excuse to provide thousands of jobs for Canada, or more specifically for Alberta, but regardless the world economy isn’t in the healthiest state and in this rough economy we need to make money to get it going again, so we need to make sacrifices so our families and loved ones wont starve and so that they can have a roof over their heads. We need this economic booster and no matter what Neil’s tour does, that will never change not to mention, if Neil Young really cared about the people of Canada wouldn’t he want there to be more jobs for the Canadian people? This brings to question whether or not he wants to help the people of Canada or just a group of whining individuals.

Furthermore, most of these oils are used to trade with an ally of Canada, the United States of America. Oil is the most in demand resource in the world. It is only normal that we exploit the oil we have to make a much needed profit. This resource can make our country a huge profit. There is no reason to not utilize these resources other than the environment and in other parts of the world this problem is far worst. Most countries of the world are in deficit and no one has the money to pass up on making more money.

In Conclusion, Neil Young is irrelevant to Canada and these oil sands are very good for the Canadian work force and economy. That is why I believe that we should not listen to this controversial tour and we should try to reap all the benefits of these oil sands.


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