Honor the Treaties

by alexamarrone on March 1, 2014 - 12:02am

Honor the treaties tour is an organization dedicated to the indigenous people in Alberta that are being affected by the development of the oil sands. This tour is to promote the danger and damages caused by this development. Honor the treaties tour is led by Neil Young, the founder of it all. Some of the few things that were affected were the environment, the economy and the human rights of the citizens. In the following paragraphs I will be providing examples and information to back up my arguments that have been stated,  

            Firstly, the oil sands have caused environmental issues in Alberta. The Athabasca oil sands are a destruction to the natural habitat of all living organisms. The construction of the pipelines destroys forests but can also fuel further developments of the tar sands.  The oil sands cause air pollution and also increases Canada’s gas emissions. In an interview Neil Young states “it’s the greediest, most destructive and disrespectful demonstration. It’s truly a disaster.” “The federal government motivate by the money, is misleading Canadians about the oil sands. The largest industrial development on the planet.” This is also not beneficial for Canadians nor the people living in Alberta. Benefits are going to other countries as well. The damage and destruction that has already been done on their land and on the environment cannot be undone nor revived. It will not look the same and it will never be the same. Neil Young and Diana Krall are fighting against the oil sands to save the land that has not yet already been destroyed. His motive is to get people talking about the global issue and make then realize that what is happening is not a good thing. Their living environment is not a fair one to be living in.

            Secondly, the former Alberta premier argues that the development in the oil sands is increasing at a rate that is not economically and socially beneficial for Alberta. However the provincial government is at a halt. They are unable to do anything about it nor do they want to. They are basically behind and support the whole project. In an article it states that the cumulative sum of the increase In Alberta’s GDP (gross domestic product) and the oil sands from the year 2010-2035 will be 2,106 billion dollars. Also the employment of jobs in Alberta in 2010 are estimated to be 75,000 and are supposed to increase to 905,000 in 2013. This project has gotten so extreme that people are blinded of what truly matters.

            Lastly, the oil sands project has violated human rights. The natives want the right to live self-governed and undisturbed. To have benefits such as education, healthcare and financial payments. However all these things that should be granted is something they are fighting to have. While they are struggling to protect their land, water and traditions, all things in which they value greatly, treaties are being violated and this project is invading their space. For instance, treaty 8 that was violated in which was an agreement between the natives and Queen Victoria, was an agreement that preserved the natives rights to practice their traditions and ways of life. The whole project goes against it all. Thus demonstrating dishonesty and poor loyalty.

In conclusion, I am for the “Honor the treaties” tour as it broadcast all that is bad about the oil sands project. With well known and popular icons supporting them and making their voices heard. It will hopefully grasp the attention of many and make them aware of the terrible things that are occurring to the natives. Not only does it capture the attention of others but it fundraises money to help those that are in need of assistance. People in whom are supportive of this massive project are blinded by all that it is destroying.


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