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by AlexisLacombe on February 28, 2014 - 6:41pm

Honour the Treaties is a music tour created by Neil Young. It mostly focuses on stopping the development of the oils sand in Alberta and preventing the negative impacts that the creation and the expansion of theses pipeline can have on the environment. Even though there are many advantages to the exploitation of the oil sands, I believe that Honour the Treaties tour is a good thing for the local population and to conserve the ecosystem. 
First of all, Honour the Treaties is a good opportunity for the natives to expose the risks and the impact on the environment that the expansion of oil sands can bring such as global warming, deforestation and destruction of many animals’ ecosystem. Being in support of the tour is a good way to prove to Canadian government that the oil sands are negative for its territory. The creation of this project is bad for the native that lives in this area for another reason because they will be deprived of even more land. Furthermore, it will pollute the rivers and the lakes that theses same natives are presently fishing in and it will destroy the forest in which they’re hunting.
 Second of all, the publicity that this tour brings is an opportunity to bribe and encourage more population to raise their voices against this natural resource project. Neil Young as a person also has a lot of influence on the population, mostly due to his popularity all over the world. It is a good way to inform and give the chance to people to be aware of what is going on and why people make such a big deal of this project. Honour the Treaties is a good example for any other artist that would like to defend or protect a certain cause.  
Third of all, another good reason to support Neil Young’s tour is because of the noxious emissions that the oil sands produce. It exposes the population to a high-risk to develop different types of cancer. The fact that Canada’s primary source of CO2 emissions is already the oil sands is a good reason to support the Honour the Treaties tour. By supporting the tour, it helps creating a better world for everyone. 
To conclude, everyone should without a doubt support the Honour the Treaties tour. By encouraging Neil Young to spread awareness to the population, it helps and provides a healthier environment for either the Canadian’s population, the animals or the natives.
Alexis Lacombe (1375933)
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