Save the Treaty

by kassandravlopes on February 24, 2014 - 5:50pm

Kassandra Vieira-Lopes                                                                                              Feb.12th 2014

Save the Treaty

            Honor the treaties tour, is a tour to promote the danger and damage that the development of the oil sand productions is doing to the indigenous people of Alberta. This tour is something that will benefit the native people in many ways. The Athabasca oil sands of Alberta, is where there are large amounts of bitumen oil. This can be very dangerous. Firstly, the honor the treaties tour opens the public’s eyes to the dangers of pollution. Furthermore, this organization that Neil Young started can be very beneficial to the native people of Alberta. Also the honor the treaties is a good way to promote the saving of the treaty eight. All this to say, that Neil young honor the treaties tour, is a good way to save the indigenous people of Alberta.

            In Alberta there are 4800 square kilometers of bitumen deposits. This oil releases a lot of PAH emissions which is very bad for the environment as it is a pollutant. This pollutant is dangerous for people’s health as there are PAH emissions released in the air. These tar sands are harmful not only to human health but also land, the water, wildlife and the global climate. This is useless pollution. This pollution has cancer risks. It’s wrong that the government doesn’t realize these problems. This is especially bad for the aboriginal people as the water is contaminated. Honor the treatise tour includes Neil Young and Diana Krall. They are fighting against the oil sands to save the land. His goal is to get people talking and to realize that it’s not a good thing. It looks like a complete dump. This is not a fair living situation.

            Furthermore, this organization that Neil Young created is created is very beneficial to the native people of Fort McMurray. They want to protect their land, water and traditions. All they want is health care, education and financial payments but they don’t have that because they are native. Also, they want the right to be self-governed and undisturbed. The oil sands development is destroying their land. The reason why this tour is so beneficial is because, it promotes to the public, all the things that the native people suffer from. Neil young is a very well-known person; so, far him to have this voice to promote the dangers of the oil sands is incredible. He is a political activist. People listen to him as he is very influential; therefore honor the treatise tour is a good way to get the message across.

            Worst of all, the development of the keystone pipeline will interfere with their eighth treaty. Treaty eight is a treaty that, they have 840000 kilometers of land that is theirs. This pipeline would destroy this treaty as, it would pass right through. This treaty permits them to live a traditional life which would consist of hunting and fishing. Neil young is promoting this as the treaty is being violated if the project goes through. The aboriginal people want to protect their land, water, wildlife and traditions but the government and the rest of the population doesn’t seem to care because it doesn’t affect them.

            All in all, the honor the treaties tour including Neil young and Diana Krall is a good way to send the public a message that developing the pipeline and oil sands is not beneficial to everyone in this case, it is not beneficial to native people. The development of pipeline and oil sands creates pollution, it doesn’t have any benefits to native people and it will violate treaty eight. There are always pros and cons. The pipeline and oil sands bring a lot of money to the province but it destroys other more important aspects of our society. The government and the non-native population are selfish. They don’t see the big picture. Destroying land will destroy their homes. How would you like it if someone were to destroy your home?                                 


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