Honour the Treaties

by sarah-lisa33 on February 28, 2014 - 11:59pm

             “Honour the Treaties” controversy


As in the 21th century, is it important to think ecological, not only do we have to care about us but also about what permits us to stay alive. Therefore, many influence people, such as; comedians, rock stars and politicians will take the lead in order to make things move. In This case, Neil Young, a popular country ands Canadian rock singer from the 70’s works on it. He tries to defend the treaties, it is a “ Battle over land, access to water, hunting and fishing rights, healthcare, education and religious freedoms are being right now” as the http://www.honorthetreaties.org explains it. Only the problem is that the “honour the Treaties” tour is controversial in his actual objective. It doesn’t talk only about the treaties but also about the oil sands.  Personally, I’m against the tour because I believe that Neil Young is not honest in his cause.

                   My first point here is: who is Neil Young for the Treaties in order to give them a voice? First of all, yes he is Canadian, what can give him a big credibility in order to explain why he want’s to help them. But from an early age on, he left Canada to go live to America, so he is no longer attached to his country. Second, what does actually bring him back to Canada in order to save the Treaties? Personally, the only reasons that I can see are: His popularity is going down and he needs a reason to make money. This results itself to say, that Neil young is an hypocrite.  

                My second point is: Oil sands are actually gainful for Canada and his entourage. Every year, oil sands in Canada are supposed to create in the next upcoming years, around 500,000 jobs, and this only in Alberta(http://oilsands.alberta.ca/economicinvestment.html). So, by trying to convince people that oil sands aren’t good for us, he actually takes away an opportunities for a lot of people to have a job and to help their family. Not only does it create job, but also it maintains Canada’s economy safe, because for the moment, Quebec and the other poorest province from Canada are getting money from the overs of province such as Alberta in order to help their economy.

           In conclusion, Neil young tour is only a bad reason to make money and to try to save a situation that doesn’t have to be saved because the oil sand are more than useful to Canada’s economy. Also, if you look precisely Neil young’s rock star’s life you would see how he doesn’t care much about saving the nature and the Treaties    


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