A Fight For The Indigenous

by Joseph Kazmi on February 28, 2014 - 3:58am

Throughout history, white men have colonized, converted, murdered, slaughtered and terrorized different cultures for many years. This was either to take over something they did not have or it was for power. The Messenian wars, the Peloponnesian war, the rise of the Roman Empire, the Atlantic Slave trade, The Spanish Inquisition and many more are just examples. Upon the arrival of the Europeans to the New World, the Native Americans have lived centuries of torment, mass murder and supremacy under the European rule. Unfortunately, their voices weren’t of any importance to white men, and sadly, till this day, Native Americans voices are being ignored across northern America. This is why I believe that the “Honour The Treaties” tour will truly help the Natives since it will: help them gain recognition and allow them to voice their opinions, and it will also help the Natives environmentally since they are such conservationists. The “Honour The Treaties” tour is also a great way to inspire others to help resolve different world issues.  


First of all, how does the “Honour The Treaties” tour help native communities to gain recognition? Neil Young, founder of this organization, intends to help artists by funding native artist and advocacy groups in order for them to voice their opinions. There are many ways to support this. For example, you can wear their messages on your shirts or you can wear their signs and different forms of art. You can also share it with everyone else in your surroundings. Another way would be for business owners with large physical property (Where houses, stores, outlets, etc) to let artists exhibit their art and increase their recognition.  Donations will also be accepted and sent directly to the artist in regard to help them and their art. 


Secondly, the “Honour The Treaties” tour is a great way to create bad publicity against natural resource projects. The Natives are a very conservationist people, they care very much for their environment and they treat it with respect. Substantially large projects like the Alberta Oil sands and the KXL pipeline are highly threatening towards the environment, causing oil spills, exhaustion of these precious natural resources, global warming, death of many animals and more…  Maybe the bad publicity will help fight these large projects and won’t let them pass.


Third of all, the “Honour The Treaties” tour is an idea that can be inspirational to many other powerful figures with an objective to help solve different world issues. This tours focuses on the Natives of our land, however, other famous songwriters, actors, celebrities can start planning different organizations for different problems. What about programs or organizations that can reduce child labour? What about organizations that could promote women equality in radical Islamic countries? Many organizations similar to Neil Young’s are very effective, look at Bono and the fight against AID/HIV in Africa.


In conclusion, the “Honour The Treaties” tour is an organization created by songwriter, Neil Young, with an objective to amplify the voices of the Native communities so their messages can be heard and recognized. In my opinion, the “Honour The Treaties Tour” is one of the most brilliant ideas of today’s world. We live in an era where we promote equal rights and where we can voice our opinions, yet, the voices of the indigenous that lived this monumental land are to be muffled by the shouts of the capitalist and benighted ideologies of white men.