Social relationships: The American Educational System

by stephjospitre on October 10, 2013 - 9:07am

American education is going through an overwhelming crisis that few accept to address. Indeed, the definition, process and goal of education remain unstable and unclear in the American society. What is an education? Where do we want it to lead us? These two questions are the core of the crisis. The most popular answer is that education is a gateway to a satisfying job but that makes it no different than a job placement program and that is a transformation that is completely against what we aspire for education to be; a critical thinking skill development, a preparation for model citizens and a creator of a stronger sense of self and character.  (1)

In my opinion, Mr. Schulman is entirely right. The definition of education has become quite nebulous. As a society, we have forgotten that the real purpose of education is not only to enable us to get a job; it is a molding process that enables us to fully exploit our potential as unique individuals.

Discussion question:

What is education? What should we consider as a thorough education?  Do you think our educational system meets the requirements of what a complete education should be?




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