Euthanasia and assisted suicide

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Euthanasia and assisted suicide : NHS Choice, Euthanasia and assisted suicide,


Ethics and science[1]


  • In many countries such as in Switzerland, Germany, Mexico and the American state of Oregon, they are allowed to use euthanasia and assisted suicide however, euthanasia is only legal if the person asked for a request to end to her life, if they have the sufficient mental capacity to make this decision and if there is an agreement that the person is suffering unbearably and there is no improvement to help for her health.

  • Euthanasia is used, for example, if a person has a terminal cancer (giving the patient an overdose of muscle relaxants would kill her and would stop the pain). 

  • Sometimes, in some countries and situations, euthanasia is considered as illegal and a murder. It could be punishable by up to 14 years’ imprisonment.

  • There are some different types of euthanasia. There is the active euthanasia, where a person deliberately intervenes to end someone’s life, for example, by injecting them with sedatives. There is the passive euthanasia where a person causes death by withdrawing what is necessary to maintain life, such as withholding antibiotics for someone with pneumonia (giving antibiotics that would maintain the same pain without making it worse).

  • There are alternatives where an adult could refuse a treatment, as long they are able to make that decision by  herself.



I think that euthanasia is a choice. It’s important that people accept the choice of their family member because it is a sign of respect. I agree with the decision of assisted suicide because, for example, when my grandmother was about to die, I would have liked that she had access to this manner of dying because she was  suffering a lot even with the medication that the doctors gave her and she would  have appreciated to end her days because she did want to be a burder for the family and she knew that she was going to be confused. So, I would have appreciated that my grandmother had access to this way of dying because she was suffering.


Discussion questions:

  • Do you agree with euthanasia?

  • Do you think that people (family members) should imprisoned for making the choice for another member of the family, particulary if the family member did not make the choice?

[1]NHS Choice, Euthanasia and assisted suicide,


In my opinion, euthanasia is a symbol of dignity. It has nothing to do with weakness, depression and suicide. When a person is suffering, knowing she is going to suffer until she dies, it is completely unhuman to let that person lose her senses and her mental capacities. I sincerely believe that euthanasia should be legal in Canada. Anyway, some people already practice it.

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