Ethical Issues in Genetic Engineering and Transgenics

by p-a551995 on October 10, 2013 - 9:05am

The article is about the ethical problems and the dangers of genetic engineering. It indicated a problem that comes with the possibility of offering parents the opportunity to make their children superhuman by selecting special genes and, by doing this making them smarter, taller and prettier. In addition, it exposes some ethical issues that are about creating transgenes animals, vegetables and exposing us to new unknown diseases. The author explains that this technology leads to the question of the definition of human being because it could give the possibility to create either superhumans or subhumans by mixing genes. In addition, the author explains that animals could suffer if we use this technology on them and he explains the potential danger of creating transgene plants to the ecosystem. Furthermore, he explains that genetic engineering could offer the possibility of transplanting animal organs in humans by modifying the structure of these organs. (1)

The article is very interesting because it exposes many of the ethical questions that we should ask ourselves when we think about genetic engineering. The article is impartial; however, I think that we should not use this technology on animals if it is not for their welfare. However, to use it on plants could be a good things if it is used to help humans and the planet.


Question: Do you think that we should continue genetic engineering? If yes, which limits should be imposed on this technology?




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