Emerging ethical dilemmas in science and technology

by marysun94 on October 4, 2013 - 10:59am

Every year, John J. Reilly Center for Science, Technology and Values, a division of the University of Notre Dame, publishes a list of emerging ethical and policy issues in the world of science and technology. The main idea or goal is to promote the perpetuity of science and technology in a common good. The list expert made and gives a chance to intersect different disciplinary perspectives. On this list for 2013 the subjects are: personalized genetics and medicine, hacking medicine devises, driverless car system, 3-D printing, climate change, counterfeit pharmaceutical products, autonomous systems, human-animal mutation laboratories, ensuring access to wireless system, data collection and human enhancements. Subjects are mostly related to the human being and society (1).

I think the most important point in this article is to not only understand the wide range of ethical issues in every aspect of our life, but also realize that a certain amount of policies and restrictions to control the information that is being used on Internet is needed. The code of ethics needs to be respected and industries in the science and technology field have to follow the laws and policies to the letter. In our society, information spreads like the speed of light, so we need to be careful, because Internet has access to our private information and can be easily hacked. We need, as a society, to set our limits.

Why is it so important to set limits that are ethically correct in both science and technology?


(1) http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/12/121217162440.htm


It is an interesting subject!

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