What is the purpose of our lives?

by Valerie on November 17, 2015 - 10:16pm

Growing up, we are being told that we are special, unique; that our lives is ours, that there is so much to achieve. That life was full of possibilities (and it is), that we can be anything. In short, we are free.

In school, professors teach us math, science, English, French, history, geography, art, music and many other things. In fact, they do their job, they provide us knowledge. They explain us how Samuel de Champlain discovered America, how many country did slavery, and how great debate made them stop, and many other historical events. Because after all, it is our right to know, our right to learn, and become independent with our own opinion. But to what extent are we really independent?

It is interesting to see how they teach us the discovery of America, how they treated the Amerindians, how it was not respectful, and they are sorry about that. But they do not talk about the fact that this nation is still there, pushed into a corner of Canada, isolated from the rest of the world. 

Also how we got over slavery, but it is funny to see how slavery have similarities with slaughterhouse. Except that now animals replaced humans, but hey!, they have no rights, so it is acceptable, no? How we, nowadays, raise living beings to feed us, clothe us, causing them to, ultimately, give their life for us (but it is not like they had the choice).; seems acceptable

My point is that growing up, yes, we gain knowledge, yes, we are "free", but only to the extent that the government decide to give. Yes, we can be whatever we want to be, but growing up, we are strongly recommended, if not "brainwashed", to be a lawyer, a policeman, a nurse, an accountant etc.

If we took the point of view of humanists, we are being teach as Humans were "magnificent". This kind of education put in emphases how humans achieve great things. Through this, they teach us how to follow this lead, to behave like good citizens, to be be good consumers; dependent of the society.

They almost got me; I once wanted to be an accountant, with the only goal in life to be rich since I thought it would bring me happiness. To me, it seemed like the only way I could do things that I love; if I had money to pay for it. But as I grew up, and I learn more in my humanist class about how life was perceived by famous thinkers, I realized many things. In fact, the goal of the government is to educate us, but while keeping us in innocence at the same time; they tell us what we want, and hide what they consider could be dangerous to making us realize that our liberty is not as big as we believe it is.

That being said, apart of what the society and government teach, what is the real purpose of our lives? A part from giving our lives to this society, that claim to do great things but is not even respecting animals.

Nowadays, children can recognize more than thousands of brands (McDonalds, Subway, Tim Hortons etc), but if we would ask them to identify sorts of plants, I bet they would not be able to name 10 of them. 

Is their a problem to this? Should we change the way we educate our society in order to be less dependent of the society and the money? 

If so, it is our job to get reunited and ask for a change, we cannot close our eyes on reality.

Life is full of possibilities, self-sufficiency must be one of them. 

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