“What the hell is going on in this planet?”

by henleygermain on November 21, 2015 - 12:01am

“What the hell is going on in this planet?”


As the past week shocked everyone on the planet with the terrorist attacks in Paris, in what direction is the state of our planet is going? I know some of you reading this might tell yourself “This is nothing new, situations like that happen around the world”. What I mean with my question is if attacks like these happen in New York (9/11) and now in Paris, what will be the outbreak that will make everything fumble into pieces?

Declared by the American Humanist Association (AHA) following the events on the 13th of November, “We feel anger at those who would impose their ideology of hate in others through the use of violence and terror.” Without any doubt, the planet we call Earth can never and will never be perfect, but no one said it cannot be improved and be “safer” to live in. But when it’s to the point that certain people terrorize innocent surroundings just to get a certain point across is a “wake-up call” for two things: We are never safe wherever we go and what happened in Paris is an alarm for us in Canada. The country will need to take measures to ensure the security of its population because a similar situation might and can happen to us.

Another point I want to bring up is the 25,000 refugees we are about to bring into the country. Is it a good decision or this plan must need to be revisited? I am in no way stating that the 25,000 refugees are “suspects” to a certain similar situation, but what if the incidents of Paris happens here in Canada? How will we react to the migration of the refugees? We also need to think that they are trying to get out of the numerous attacks and incidents happening in Syria, this topic is definitely a two-sided coin.

To conclude, the incident in Paris really set an opening of eyes for a lot of people who thought that the state of our planet wasn’t that bad. The same week the Paris terrorist attack happened, in Kenya, at least 147 students of people we killed in a school following an attack at a university...We need to pay attention to the rest of the world because our world isn’t as normal as it seems. It’s a hell of a place to live in.

An Humanist statement on the Paris terrorist attacks, American Humanist Association, 2015. Web. November 20th, 2015




You stilled my words of my mouth in what world do we live in today. Their is a big conflicts with terrorist hat need to be solve to , many human died over this war either that their innocent or not. No humans should be killed for their belief, everyone should be able to have their opinion, and live their full life. Humanity should be fighting over important thing such as medicine to save humans and their health problems, A world were we as human in different country shouldn't spend extreme amount of money to protect their own people. A world where humans live in peace because we are all the same under ours skin. we are all made of Bones a blood.