Views on Abortion

by yvesroland on November 20, 2015 - 11:56pm


Views on Abortion

            Human life is a serious subject. But there are still debates on when it begins. Some people will say that life starts when the heart starts pumping while others will say that life begins when someone is born or soon after. The eight commandment of the holy bible says that "Thou shall not kill." When the Holy Bible says "kill", is it referring to the killing of a born human being or is it referring to any form of human being like an unborn foetus? However, many Christians believe that killing an unborn foetus is a sin. A great Pantheist like Spinoza will say that he does not believe in the Holy Bible but will still say that the killing an unborn foetus is a bad thing.

            The ending of a pregnancy by removing the foetus or the embryo from the womb is known as Abortion. Abortion is conducted in different ways. Usually pregnant women will take pills prescribed by a doctor which will end pregnancy or they will have the baby surgically remove from their body. Even though a woman's body is her own and she can do whatever she wants with it, there are still debates in certain countries as to; should abortion be legalize? Certain countries like Canada, USA and England have legalise abortion while other countries like Egypt, Libya and Mexico have not. This shows that Abortion is still a matter on the lookout.

            I personally think that Abortion is a bad thing and it should not be legal, firstly because it is a sin against God because you are killing an innocent child even if he is still living in your womb. Secondly because it might prevent the person committing abortion from ever having children again. If the person committing the abortion later feel regrets and remorse, it can cause psychological breakdowns. Coming back to Spinoza, he will probably say that every human being on earth is important and must have the right to give his own opinion and nothing should be impose on him or her. According to Spinoza, the unborn child must be given the choice if he wants to live or die and death should not be impose unto him. When I conducted a survey about abortion in my physics class about if abortion is a good thing, out of 40 students, 32 said yes, 6 said no and 2 answered I don't know. Even though the number of people that I used in my survey was not enough, it still kind of shows that many people are not happy with that fact that unborn baby are killed at will.

            Even though many people think that abortion is a bad thing, there are situations where abortion is actually important, so to what extend should abortion be considered a good thing? and in what ways can we reduce the number of abortions?

            I think that abortion must be considered a good thing only if the pregnant woman's life is in danger, in this case, the woman's life could chosen over the baby's life. Also it may happen that the woman got pregnant through rape which may cause her psychological and physiological breakdown, and so in this case the unborn child's life could be terminated. Another case where abortion can be considered a good thing is when the unborn baby is diagnosed with birth defects, and so the unborn child could be remove from the womb, so he will not suffer through his life or later on die when he has been conceived.

            The British Humanist Association are on the pro-choice for Abortion and they say that a way to reduce the number of abortions can be by improving sex and relationships education, make contraception more widely and freely available and provide better education and services to young people.

            In conclusion, even though abortion are sometimes performed for good reasons, I still think that it is a bad thing. I think that every parent or teenager should have a responsible plan for life, because if every action are unaccounted for, then the number of children losing their lives may increase and cause a rapid decrease in population. Viewing this on the humanist side, Humanist will want to give women freedom of choice and speech over their body, which of kind of gives a woman the right to commit abortion when she wants, but at the same humanist do not want people to kill other people be how small they are. So even though the British Humanist Association are still on the pro-choice for abortion, there is still that tension between other humanists as to if humanism agrees with abortion or not.


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