Should we accept the 25 000 refugees in Canada ?

by 1431536 on November 19, 2015 - 7:15pm

I know when reading the title you will probably say: oh no not another article on the attack...

But, what I want to do with this post is not to bore you, it is to woke up some people who seems to not understand very well the situation. 

Should we accept the 25 000 refugees in Canada ? There are two way of thinking. Some people think that we should protect ourselves by refusing or slowing the process of the Syrian refuge. We need to be careful with this statement. Syrian people are not terrorists, they actually want to escaped from them. People fleeing Syria are those who suffer the most from terrorism, they are the most vulnerable. I find funny to see people on Facebook with the flag of France as profile picture saying things such as we can't let 25000 Syrian enter Canada because terrorists could infiltrate. Do we really want to help them or just make believe that we have compassion? There is even a petition on social media against aid to Syrian. I understand that terrorism can be very scary, I fear myself, but to ignore such a catastrophe... it is almost inhuman. No human being deserves to live in such violence. It is time to be brave and face our fears.  Our government will not let anyone enter our country. There will be many security measures including an investigation into the past of each Syrian. What you must also understand, is that anyone can be a terrorist, even in Quebec. Everyone can become radicalized at any time. So , why deny people who lives daily misery , for fear that some terrorists might enter, while your neighbour who live in your country could be radicalized without you knowing ?


Humanists will never let 25 000 died in such circumstances. They will always advocate human life. That means they would never agree to close our doors to people in need who dreams of being hosted in our beautiful country. Humanist understand that we got only one precious life. As the president of the American Humanist Association stated :"As humanists we understand that we get just one life, so life is very precious to us. It's a core value. The wanton killing in Paris on Friday is a tragic reminder of the need to embrace basic human rights. »




I would agree that giving the refugees a place to live is the most ethical and humanist thing to do. I would also like to say it is also humanist to be patient and make sure the decisions we are making are not harming our citizens. I think it's important to get as much information on the refugees that we take in because the safety of our people should be the main concern.

As stated in the article, many strong reactions came to surface after the terrible Paris attack. Some people used social media to post ideas about their fears and concerns about letting in the 25 000 refugees. Yet, most arguments to defend this point are based on an imagined links relating the Syrians and ISIS. In my opinion, people think that because the refugees are Syrians and/or Muslims, that they are going to create chaos, because that is the image that the mainstream media has been portraying ever since 9/11...
To add to your final argument concerning, I invite you to read this article from the Time.
The article states that "white right-wing terrorists have killed almost twice as many Americans in homegrown attacks than radical Islamists have".
This really shows how fear can propagate quickly, and hide people's reason and compassion for others.
We sure would like to receive help in we were in the same situation, so why not lead by example?

I totally agree with the fact that humanist will never 25 000 refugees die in war or that human beings must do whatever is in their power to help these people. But what if it becomes like some spy shit. In other words what if this is all a set up, what if some of those refugees were coming here instead to create another war. Did you ask yourself how come that bomb in France came to pass without any body leaking an information to the police. I think that some of those refugees are spies and they will here and do the same thing that has happened in France. So a better way to help them will be to send them off into an unknown island and provide with them with food and water until the war in their countries stops. If not chaos is coming and it is not coming small, it is coming 25 000 times bigger. Beware of who you are helping.

I completely agree to the fact that saving 25 000 people is the most moral, humanistic thing to do. I believe that not because you believe in a certain religion that you are a terrorist. Extremists, in this case, are terrorists. It is not because you are a Muslim that you instantly agree with these extremists.Have you ever thought about the fact that Muslims are always referred to ISIS, but Christians aren't referred to the KKK? However, no one sees a Christian and gets scared because they associate them to the KKK. I still believe we should be careful and take full precautions about who we decide to bring in our country, to make sure no extremist from ISIS comes in.

Accepting the 25 000 refugees is vital. Canada would be looked upon highly by other countries, as well as the Syrian people. It is the most morally and ethically correct thing to do. However, I do think that the screening process for these refugees should take more time. Accepting 25 000 refugees in just over a month is very ambitious and frankly, quite dangerous. It is possible that one of these refugees has violent means. Maybe if they made the screening process more detailed and increased the quality of it, the Canadian people would feel safer and better about letting these refugees come to our country. We would still be accepting these refugees in to Canada, but it would be safer and better if we let them in slower.