A Long Week

by sandrinetttt on November 18, 2015 - 9:05pm

A Long Week


After hearing about the tragic events that occurred in Paris last week, Humanists from all around the world raised their voices on the matter of human rights. The Islamist attacks in Paris caused the death of over 100 people, but Humanists did not only focused on them. Many people were touched and human rights were violated in Beirut and Syria too. It was satisfying to see that the British Humanists Association mentioned all the lives that were changed in a day, while the medias only focused on Paris. They said that they ‘’dream [of] a tolerant, open society with a secular state ensuring the human rights of everyone’’. This now leads to a question: ‘’what would the Humanists say of the 25 000 Syrian refugees Justin Trudeau wants to bring into Canada?’’ While they have not spoken of this yet, we can already have an idea because of their values.


Initially, the Humanists value the importance of living freely and in peace. At the moment, they will not think that the lives of many Syrians are at peace, and they would be better here, in Canada. Humanists are not religious and think everyone is allowed to have his own opinion. Sadly, many people from Canada do not share this value and, therefore, do not respect their different religious views. Also, Humanists think that everyone should have a right to fulfill his life at its maximum. They will probably agree that there could be more opportunities in Canada than in Syria, which is being under attacks and is not safe. Unfortunately, many inhabitants from here think only of negatives matters, because of security, and how much it could affect their lives.


Personally, I will agree with the Humanist point of view. After the Paris, Beirut and Syria killings, it was obvious that something needed to be taken care of. Of course, 25 000 immigrants can affect the Canadian system, no matter if it is cultural, political or economical, but it was said by many this week that all lives matter. Everyone is important, should have opportunities and human rights should be respected.


Even though Humanists dream of a secular society, I think they could achieve this by encouraging other people to value the lives of everyone first. If every individual shared the same Humanists beliefs, maybe these events would not have occurred and people would stop arguing over the importance of saving 25 000 lives.



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What i like about humanists is that they always have strong empathy to those in need, whatever situation it may be. In this case, bringing 25 000 refugees surely may represent some kind of risk to our national security because we cannot be entirely sure about who is entering the country, but at the same time, like you said, it is making the lives of so many people better and gives them opportunities to renew their lives and allow them to be content.