The Injustice towards Black citizens

by henleygermain on September 9, 2015 - 9:27pm

On the AHA (American Humanist Association) website, I found an article about controversial events that happened in the United States related to racism. They were talking about the recent shooting events that happened to unarmed black people in Ferguson with Michael Brown and Travon Martin in Florida, and how it is unacceptable to judge or to kill someone just because of the color of his skin. Calling a time to reflect of what’s going on is what they suggest and I totally agree with the opinion of the association.

Its needs to stop. The racism and the killings. The mistreatment of the police to men of black race in the United States is something that always existed. But now killing them because they’re walking in the street with a bottle of ice tea and candy (Travon Martin), or because they’re standing on the corner of a block (Eric Garner), bothering no one is ridiculous. They [agents of the government] take advantage of their power and most of the time get away with the crime that they commit. They are the ones that are supposed to prevent crime, they are the ones to protect us but don’t seem to do it. At the eyes of the government, black people are perceived as “the problem”, but the government needs to open their mind, and see what the real problem is and do something about it. Black people are as equal as any race on this planet. They have the same rights and values as any other human in this world. They claim that racism and slavery stopped, so why black people are still treated as an inferior race?

To conclude, we need to stop judging people upon their race or color their skin, or else, we’ll see another person of race deceased in the news, without counting the ones that weren’t in the headlines, killed in similar circumstances.



I hear what you're saying. As a minority myself, I too have been victim and witnessed racism. It truly is disgusting... and the fact that it's come to the point where people are getting killed without reason is just monstrous. And to the statement that the government thinks that black people are the "problem", I'm sorry but I feel like it's the other way around. It's not black cops or other cops of another minority race killing innocent blacks-- and other minorities-- for no reason: it's the white cops (not all of them, but you know what I mean). Anyways, this has to stop... now it seems like the crime stoppers are becoming the crime starters.

This article makes a valid argument by saying that oppression towards black citizens is still occurring although the reasons mentioned for why this is still ongoing is not solely due to racism but to a different reason known as the “man-box”. The man box is a box that has words inside of it that men must conform to in order to prove their masculinity. If they do not conform to the words in this box, society penalizes them through the use of name calling. Although racism is a huge factor in police brutality, perhaps a better way to understand why this is occurring is by using the man box lens. Words like strong, powerful, intimidating, hard, tough, scares people, etc. that are found in the man box encourage men to behave in violent manners. Men are constantly living in fear of other men and society, as they struggle to prove their masculinity. Thus, in order to prove their masculinity and not feel alienated by society they behave in violent manners. They oppress other men in order to make themselves feel more masculine. Men are huge contributors to this vicious cycle as when one man secures his masculinity through the use of violence means another man loses his as he does not appear as strong and thus finds himself located outside the box being labelled as weak. The man labelled as weak finds himself struggling to prove his masculinity and thus is extremely likely to engage in violent behaviors particularly towards other men in order to prove himself to society. In order to fix racial issues occurring in society today, we must of course address the problem of racism but at the same time we must also understand that a huge factor is the man box and thus we have to find ways to abolish this concept and find ways to make men feel secure with themselves without being violent creatures.