Gun Control: More or Less

by eluxenberg on December 10, 2015 - 12:21pm

After yet another mass shooting in the United States, this one in San Bernardino, California, the gun control debate has become more and more relevant. This marks over 355 mass shootings in the US in 2015! That’s more shootings than days in the year so far! There are two opposite views on how to solve this situation. One side believes that in order to save lives, there should be more guns supplied for protection. However, the other side believes the total opposite: that there should be a ban on all guns that are not pistols and gun ownership should be limited. I side completely with the latter. Making guns more accessible to everybody will only INCREASE the shootings in the country. After all, the more accessible you make a product, the more easily terrible people could get a hold of it. I get that having a gun for protection could save lives, but if there were no ridiculous automatic weapons in the first place, you wouldn’t really need a gun to protect yourself. I’d say that all guns that are not pistols should be banned, and in order to own a pistol, you must go through a long interview process to make sure that you are mentally stable. Honestly, the only reason any American would need a semi-automatic rifle would be to kill many people. So why make it legal and so easily dispensable? 

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