Escaping North Korea by Boat ?

by daberman on December 10, 2015 - 1:14pm

Are people trying to escape North Korea? In the past couple of months there have been wooden boats popping up on Japanese shores with dead bodies. All the bodies have been decomposed. These boats are thought to be fishing boats from North Korea. Many letters have been found on the boat having “Korean Peoples Army” written on it. Is this the only way out for North Koreans? Taking a boat? The fishermen from North Korea are a selective few who do not have to work in the labor camps and can actually leave the mainland.

The idea that these boats are people from North Korea isn’t so far fetch. North Korea has been fishing under the rule of Kim Jong Un’s. The select few that have the ability to be a fishermen are also the select few that have the possibility to escape. If citizens from North Korea were the only ones on the boat it wouldn’t be too hard to escape. What I believe is that there must have one or two soldiers of the Korean’s Peoples Army that were patrolling on board. The fishermen who were most likely oppressed fought them as a group and won, but after that the fishermen don’t have food nor do they know exactly where the closest land is. This leaves the fishermen with very little percentage of survival. Are the fishermen going to ever make it to shore? And if so are they going to speak about the experiences in North Korea?


I find your subject really interesting and the way you make the readers wonder all the time kind of force them to be concerned about the problem. I really enjoyed reading your article! It gets to the point in very few words and I think it is a very important aspect in articles, because you do not want to let time to the readers to get bored. However, I think a little more examples could add a lot by making it richer. This link here gaves great examples of how impossible it is to escape from North-Korea and shows the risks and consequences if ever someone gets catched. It could add a lot to your article.

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