Child Soldiers Around The World

by christina.papa18 on April 14, 2016 - 1:06pm

Around the world, there are children as young as five years old who are forced from their families and into a life of tyranny. Child soldiers who fight battles for rebel groups such as ISIS against governments are used in the worst possible ways. Not only are the physically and psychologically abused because of their naivety, but they are kept in the hands of their captors for months, and sometimes years. These children are forced to kill other people, used as human shields, are drugged, and are made to plant shaky bombs that could detonate at any second. A common myth is that only young boys get drafted as these soldiers, which isn’t true. 40% of child soldiers are girls who are also eventually forced into sexual slavery. 

Unfortunately, these children are so far away. So what can we do? 

Like any horrible world issue, we don’t have much control over it. But, we can support the UN in their fight against children being abducted to be soldiers. We can donate, and we can even go to these countries. For example, there is evidence that a women broke two 17 year old boys out of their captor’s home. This is a major issue that deserves to be spoken about more. Just because the western world doesn’t have this problem, doesn’t mean we can’t learn about, teach, and help these young men and women.

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