Child Soldiers

by Sabrina Furfaro on April 14, 2016 - 12:34pm

Sabrina Furfaro

Ms. Lamantia

Grade 11 Global Issues

April 14, 2016


Child Soldiers

250 000 Child soldiers in today’s society that have been token by rebel and non governmental groups by force. There are no ways to stop these groups as they just barge in and take the child. If the kid tries to not be forced by the group, they will be shot by the group and they will die. The kids get the hardest job as they cannot fight back. 

These men who take the children teach and drill them of how what they are doing is the right thing to do by shooting people and being trained forcefully to kill. This only damages the children and the government has little control of this situation. As well as, the government even profits from the Diamond Industry.

This is happening in Afghanistan, Colombia, and India…etc. In these places there are corruption (police and groups such as the Taliban.) After returning home either by escape or the group letting them go most children get PTSD and it will be very difficult to regenerate back to their home. But others will not be let go and they won’t ever go home and some die being forced to fight.

Today, there is more help as more awareness is spread and the UN, many independent organizations and personal initiatives are trying to help.



I believe that this a huge issue occurring in today's society. The western world is very blindsided by this because its not occurring in where we live. Little do most of us realize that this a issue occurring in Africa, Afghanistan etc... The worst part about it all is that these children are vulnerable and can do nothing to stop this issue. These children are unaware of what is right and what is wrong and this is why it is so easy for these groups to brainwash them into thinking that they are doing the proper thing for their country. It not only affects their childhood but even if they manage to escape these rebel groups, their entire future will forever be altered. Not only their future but there mindset on the entire world and how they perceive it.

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