Child Soldiers

by JEdghill on April 14, 2016 - 12:30pm

Are child soldiers a neccesity?

  No, it is illegal to be a soldier until you reach the age of 18 but in many places such as Africa, Colombia and others are forced to fight in war. There are many different ways a child may become a soldier, sometimes there father or older siblings will be soldiers thus influencing, rebel groups will often kidnap children and force kids to kill or complete suicide missions, and lastly, even police and other forces ask children to complete missions for them. There's a misconception that all child soldiers are male, in reality, up to 40% of child soldiers are girls and of course the remaining 60% are boys. Child soldiers are not only considered people who fight in wars, they are also defined as spies, messengers and sometimes a political advantage, such as human shields. 

Should children be allowed to fight in war if they want too?

  Although it is a very controversial issue and I do understand the fact that sometimes parents owe something to rebel groups after making deals with them and you are often a product of your surroundings so if your father is a soldier you will be too. That being said, I do not feel as though you can make your own decisions before the age of 14, and even then, you are far too young to make a decision that puts your life at risk.

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