Is the Brazilian "clean-up" well-planned or longstanding?

by vvr2013 on December 11, 2013 - 12:36pm


Rio de Janeiro is the place to be in June of 2014. Flags, horns and pride will walk the streets of this Brazilian city for the 20th FIFA World Cup. It will be filled with excitement and don’t forget about the festivities!

What many of the international visitors won’t know when partying in Rio is that this city is crime-filled and is having a rough time dealing with its problems. Rio is divided in favelas, which are shantytowns in Brazil. These favelas are known for being controlled by drug lords and the exchange of illegal drugs and weapons. In recent years police force have been conducting favela pacifications to get rid of the drug dealers and bring peace to the favelas. While on favela raids, police try to capture the drug dealers as prisoners but have to shoot them if they do not cooperate. Sadly, many innocent people have been killed in this process. All of this has been happening in a short amount of time and people are questioning if it will help in the long run or if this structure is only being created for the coming FIFA World Cup. Citizens worry that the peace will not be sustained once the festivities are over and the tourists have left. 

According to The Guardian, Citizens are very satisfied with the way the situation has been settled. Citizens wouldn’t dare wear jewelry or carry around anything valuable for the sake of their safety and protection on the streets. Crack users and thieves would take absolutely anything worth something for their addiction. People did not feel safe whatsoever. 

Since Brazil has 5 FIFA titles in their name making them the most successful team, is this an opportunity for South America to express their love for soccer internationally? Is it a convenient way of dealing with Brazil's problems? Is it a distraction? Let me know what you think in the comments below. 




Article from The Guardian: