Kardashian Kraze: Their Media Takeover

by dorotheavlaho on April 27, 2015 - 9:18pm

The Kardashian name is seen on every platform of media to be imagined. They’ve conquered the Instagram and Twitter world with their infamous “selfies”, and shocking, half naked pictures of one another. They’re number one method: the shock value. Even from the beginning one could have foreshadowed this family of ridiculousness. It all started with Kim Kardashian’s sex tape after all.  But now Kim seems to be the “normal” one.


The biggest news of this past weekend is the recent announcement that Bruce Jenner, past Olympic gold medalist, is becoming a woman. Bruce sat down in an interview with Diane Sawyer and told the world that for all his life, he had been battling an inner urge to express his feminine soul. “For all intent and purposes, I am a woman.” Bruce said. This news spread through social media like a forest fire, with supportive tweets and photos from his family, and  #BruceJenner trending number one worldwide on Twitter. Bruce is now being depicted as a brave, courageous figure for the transgender community and is being praised for his coming out. But I think Bruce as another thing to be putting his attention to…


Huge speculation has been circulating the youngest of the clan Kylie Jenner, for her drastic change in appearance and in behavior. The seventeen year old has long black hair extensions, a drastically slimmer face with evidently higher cheekbones and the biggest criticism she receives, is on her overly plump lips. The lips have even sparked a huge, ridiculous Internet trend called the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge”, where teens sucked on a shot glass until their lips swelled so much they bruise. It is obvious the girl has dipped into the family piggy bank and indulged herself in some plastic surgery of her choice. Not only the surgery, that’s a whole other argument on its own, but there are hundreds of rumors circulating around her relationship with twenty-five year old, baby daddy, rapper, Tyga. Yes, seventeen-year-old high school dropout Kylie Jenner is dating a grown man covered in tattoos, publically promoting the use of marijuana and raising a three-year-old son. The best part is, the couple does not even try to hide their romance and Kylie’s parents seem to be completely okay with this.


With outrageous stories such as these being the foundation of their success, are the Kardashians becoming so obsessed with publicity they would go so far as a sex change, extreme plastic surgery and incredibly inappropriate relationships?


In my opinion, the Kardashians should never be compared to the mentalities of the rest of us. While it is completely okay to ogle over their clothes, hair or gorgeous homes, there is a limit to which we should worship them. The fact of the matter is celebrities’ minds have been warped with all the constant public scrutiny, extreme need for wealth and privileges. So yes, I think both stories are entirely for publicity. The Kardashians want to get a rise out of the public in order to get attention and even more viewers for their show.


Whether or not Bruce is doing this for publicity is an extremely disturbing question, that hopefully the answer is no, but I think Bruce Jenner needs to turn his attention to his youngest daughter before he goes posting transformation Tuesday photos on Instagram. Whether this twisted and incredibly entertaining family’s intentions are pure, they’re doing a hell of a job making a living. 


Although I do agree that Bruce Jenner seems to have a priorities a bit mixed up, I also think that this is something that has been an issue for him his entire life. I agree he should probably be giving his young daughters better guidance, but from what I have heard of this situation he just wanted to let the media know that he is now comfortable with admitting that he is a transgender woman. I think it is good that Bruce Jenner is now becoming an activist for transgender rights, it is about time that one of the Kardashians thought of someone else besides themselves. Even if he is doing this for publicity, it think it has been a good way to promote transgender equalities, and has probably given the courage to others to announce themselves as transgender.

I agree with the concern you have about the Kardashian family but I feel that Bruce’s “stunt” isn’t done to promote his family’s’ show “keeping up the Kardashians”. I think that he is expressing himself through the use of his well-known name to bring awareness about an important subject. Since Bruce is always in the public eye, it’s a great opportunity for him to do some good in the world and spread awareness about an injustice. With the use of the Utilitarianism approach, doing the greatest good for the greatest number of people, Bruce is exposing himself to the public for everyone to judge and scrutinize him for the greater good of society. By using his power to educate and raise awareness about transgender terms. He brings a lot of hope to others in the same situation, who are to scared to come out find guidance. Not only that but to also educate the society about the oppression and injustices they have received. Although many people find the idea of transgender as abnormal and is frowned upon, Bruce Jenner is bringing out an important issue in the hopes that people in today’s society start accepting them as equals and nothing different. Many people consider him a role model because of his inspirational story.

This family is out of control. The question of "why are they famous?" comes to mind every time I think of them. But the simplest answer to this, is us. We pay for their homes, their closets, their jewellery, their plastic surgery. We are their money source. How? Well, we watch their show, play their video game, stalk them on Instagram. The public is so intrigued by their lives that the Kardashians are constantly looking for a way to exploit it... Kylie's lips, Kim's butt, their relationships and breakups. But I do not think that Bruce Jenner is becoming a woman just for shock value. Although, I do question his motives for documenting his journey on a new E! show.

Although we all try to not admit it for the sake of humanity, money makes the world go round. As soon as one finds themselves with an excess of money on their hands, their morals and values can, and most of the time do, take a sharp turn. Being a somewhat Kardashian fan myself, I have watched their show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, since the beginning. Although the show is supposed to be documenting their lives, drama within the family, relationships, fights, etc. over the years, their drastic and negative change in values and ways of life is easily seen on their half-scripted and heavily edited "reality" TV series. At first, their family was more centred on trust, family time and business as the second generation of the Kardashian family were starting to build their careers as models, entrepreneurs and promoters. However, these days, the family seems to always be near its breaking point as it struggles with alcoholism, depression, major relationship issues and the loss of the traditional family setting. As Kylie and I are basically at the same stages in our lives, I find myself comparing my life to hers and finding almost no similarities. At the age of 17, she has dropped out of high school, has a terrible relationship with her mother, demands to move out of the house into a $3 million mansion and has a very inappropriate relationship with an older rapper. I feel that an excess of money can have a very negative impact on people who are in an influential stage in their lives, especially on the youth who have more chance of loosing good morals and values which they need to live healthy and responsible lives.

I rarely have time to watch TV, and I rarely have time to keep up with the dumb gossip people spread around about celebrities. Truthfully, we will never know what really goes on in the lives of celebrities, and as much as we think we know, truthfully, we know nothing. I must admit, I have watched the show "Keeping up with the Kardashians". This show is purely for entertainment purposes and as some may describe, dumb. Of course it's not like watching a documentary of Vice, but in every episode, not only do we see their crazy and obnoxious lives, but we can in fact see their tight knitted family, and some of the things celebrities must endure. Never could I justify a reason for people to watch this show, but whenever it's on television and I decide to watch it, there's always something going on. Let's just saying Keeping up with the Kardashian family, isn't that easy.

To start off, they have completely taken over the world of social media. All their selfies and provocative pictures get a ton of likes and comments, and once in a while they will post a controversial picture and that will get the whole world talking because perhaps we have nothing better to talk about. In my opinion, the pictures the Kardashian family post aren't bad and most of the time, they're pictures in support of each other. The entire "selfie" craze is dumb but truthfully, every teenaged girl is a victim of it, whether we like it or not. The bottom line is celebrities are humans, just like us, and will participate in trends as they come and go. The selfie trend has continued for longer than most people expected, but for the most part, the pictures posted by the Kardashians aren't as bad as anyone makes them seem.

It is true that for many months, a rumour was going around that Bruce Jenner was transitioning into a female. He identifies himself as a female, however, he is still attracted to females. Very recently, Bruce Jenner, as well as his family members, publicly confirmed that these rumours were true. I did not watch his interview, nor will I, but people have, and people are really proud of him. I agree that this is major for the transgender community and hopefully this will raise public knowledge on transgender people. When I first heard that he was transitioning to a female, I couldn't understand why he waited this long. It didn't make sense to me, considering he's well into his years, and even a grandfather to 2 nieces and 2 nephews. However, I understand that it could take a lot of time to know what you want, and he mentioned that he was holding it in for a long time now. What he did is extremely brave, being in the public eye and heavily criticized.

The other recent headliner is Kylie Jenner, who is 17 years old. In the media, she is made out to be the troubled teenager, but once again, we will never know what celebrities are truly like, and what they battle with. Who could blame Kylie? She has been in the public eye ever since she was a baby, grew up in a crazy eccentric family of 4 older sisters and one older brother, and has older parents who are extremely busy and well, famous. I'm not insinuating that her parents don't care about her, but it's natural for her parents to be more lenient with her, considering they're old, very busy, and on to their sixth child. She didn't grow up in circumstances like us, so I can begin to understand where her behaviour is truly stemming from.

Yes, she got limp injections. And yes, she has a 25 year old boyfriend with a 3 year old son. Lip injections is pretty extreme for a 17 year old to get. However, when you truly think about it, it's not illegal, and there's nothing truly wrong with lip injections in the first place. If that's what she really wanted, why shouldn't she get them? People make a big deal about it, but really? Why??? It doesn't matter. She mentioned in an interview that she was self conscious about her lips, therefore she wanted to get injections. I think that's fine. I wouldn't necessarily do that but who am I to judge, and who am I to decide what is right and what is wrong? Finally, her boyfriend. Once again, that isn't something I would ever be interested in, but she's happy and she must make mistakes and learn from them on her own. We can't decide what's right and what's wrong. Being 17 and having a 25 year old boyfriend isn't an atrocity, nor should we judge her for that... it just isn't something I would do as s 17 year old.

With all of this being said, in no way do I think Bruce is transitioning to a female, and Kylie got lip injections and a new boyfriend, all for publicity. These celebrities have better things to do, and won't bother wasting their time on publicity stunts. I guess we will never truly know but I am quite certain that Bruce and Kylie aren't doing it for the attention, they're doing it for themselves and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

One last thought is I actually don't mind having the Kardashian family as famous figures. This family demonstrates a hard working family and a tight knitted family who look out for each other, no matter what. I'm sure many people desire a family such as this one, not for their craziness or eccentrics, but for their incredible family bond and togetherness. I also think it's extremely important for girls growing up today to see body figures such as the Kardashians, which demonstrates proper and normal body types. The Kardashians are in good shape, but naturally they are curvier than what typical "models" look like. I always see comments made by teenagers online, stating how comfortable they feel about their curves and "un-model like, natural type bodies" because the Kardashians demonstrate their healthy and natural body types to teenagers. I'm all about good role models in that sense because today, it seems as if we lack a lot of celebrity role models, with relatable body types.

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