Women are not an accessory to a man's outfit

by anonymous13579 on February 27, 2017 - 8:59am

     The Suit Supply company has been known for many of its controversial ads, here I will only be discussing three of which I found to be more degrading towards women. The goal of these ads from the company is to advertise their product which are suits. In all three images, we do see a well-dressed man (or two) but the problem is how the female companion is portrayed. In the image on the top left we see a woman sitting on a staircase in a position that makes her seem helpless and at the man’s mercy, while the man himself is lifting her dress to reveal what lies under in a very casual manner. Did I mention this collection is called Shameless? Very aptly named it is. The image on the top right displays a woman on a luxurious lounge chair lying beneath a man who is in a position of dominance. One of his hands is gripping one of her legs while the other is positioned in a way to make it seem as if gripping her neck, once again showing the man is dominant while she is submissive to him. Now why is there an additional man in the picture when we can hardly see the full suit trying to be sold we do not know, but it seems as if he had just finished his turn with the young blonde lady and is now resting on the sofa. The last image on the bottom was used as the background image on their website while the collection had just come out. Here we see a woman sprawled on her stomach on a kitchen island seductively drinking while the man is in between her legs and grabbing the back of her dress.

     These ads are conveying some strong messages towards the gender roles of what a female and a man should be like. They are showing that men should always be the one in power, the dominant one, that they can do what they wish and not be ashamed of it nor be judged for it, and of course that by buying one of their suits, one would have access to anything with the main thing being good looking young ladies. Women are being portrayed as an object in these ads. They are conveying the message that women must be submissive at all time under male power, that their only use is to give men pleasure and satisfy their needs. As well as that they are to be accessible anywhere at any time and look impeccable, that being said, for women to be wanted by men the must be slim, have great legs (therefor not even a spot of cellulite should be visible) and that they must always wear heels because it makes them more appealing that a woman in sneakers.

     The reason we should be concerned about these messages being sent out to the public is because everyone is exposed to them, including children. Children and adolescents and even young adults now a day learn everything from the internet, magazines, billboards, and the TV, meaning they will grow up with unrealistic views of the opposite sex but most importantly their attitudes towards each other will be different. Meaning men will continue to treat women disrespectfully because they will have the idea that they are more powerful, abuse will continue because men will only see them as sex objects; one in twelve said they would rape if they could get away with it (Cortese 15). But females on the other hand will go to extremes to try to conquer an unrealistic body image that more than two-thirds of women globally believe that the media and advertising set an unrealistic standard of beauty that most women cannot ever achieve. More than half of all women are disgusted by their bodies. Unfortunately, only 13 percent are very satisfied with their body, while only 2 percent around the world consider themselves beautiful (Cortese 21).

The Suit Supply company does not have to continue to use women as an accessory to sell their product. What they could to instead is to place the man in a situation with affluent people while wearing one of the suits and show how he can attract their attention and they all wish to do business with him or if they want to take a more leisure approach they can place him among other men wearing suits at a function where he outshines them all due to the fact he is wearing one from the Suit Supply company. Most advertisements in general should show more realistic values and goals and must stop giving the impression that women can simply be bought because they are an object and that they cannot be anything more than that.


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