Open the Door and Let the Girl Outs

by Shing on February 26, 2017 - 9:29pm

In this miu miu Spring 2015 advertisement which is already banned in UK, a young thin female model in a beautiful cloth carrying a miu miu bag is lying on the bed in a small room. This model looks like a little girl.Her pretty clothes and shoes are both with bowknots. It makes her looks similar to a doll. The sight of the photographer seems look through a door to this girl. Moreover, rather than opening wide, the door is more likely to be opened furtively because the bright part which the model occupies is only the half of the image. It makes us focus on the bag and the cloth of the model, and it indicates that if you open the door, a girl is waiting for you and you can own this girl. The girl and miu miu bag represents a temptation to the people outside the door.

Although the model is actually over twenty years old, the bowknot on the cloth and shoes she is wearing is more likely to a little girl’s wearing. Her appearance is also like an underage girl. She lies on the bed in a seductive posture. She crosses her legs and her upper body is half naked. Compared with her appearance, she acts like a woman. Also, the bed is the only thing in the room. The walls look dirty and old, but the girl looks clean and pretty. It makes me think about that this room is imprisoning the girl. It seems that this girl needs to wear good clothes and it makes her look like a sexual worker. Furthermore, her dressing is not similar to a normal under aged girl. It is more mature. This advertisement contains two major problems. It shows not only a kind of sexual suggestion, but also a violation to an underage youth.

According to Miss Representation, many female news anchors choose to wear low cut blouses. It makes the audience more focus on their body rather than what they are talking about. In this advertisement, the cloth only covers half of the girl’s upper body. It is the same way that the brand tries to attract the people to look at the girl’s body in order to see the miu miu bag she is carrying and clothes. Also, the atmosphere of the advertisement is covert. The most important problem is the model looks too small. It can relate to the rape culture and violations to the minors. It is illegal and it violates ethics morals.

As I know, the idea of miu miu Spring 2015 is Female Trouble. The main idea is rebellious. It has an aversion to sweetness, so the designs use big coats and jackets to match with the pink dresses. Also, I think it is the reason that the young model is wearing mature clothes which does not match with her appearance. If we have to fix the advertisement, changing an older female model is not enough. The atmosphere of the advertisement may lead customers’ desire of purchase. In order to show the idea of the design, there is no need to use woman as an object and ask the female model to put a seductive posture to attract people. It is disrespectful to women. In our mind, girls always play dolls and toys like teddy bears or other cute animals. We can change the atmosphere brighter and pain the room in pink. The models can wear in Miu Miu’s cute dresses and ride on a huge black motorcycle rather than playing a doll. It can show the idea of the design and there is no rape culture relate to the advertisement.


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