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by lawmario on February 27, 2017 - 6:12pm

In this “SuitSupply” ad that has as its main goal to sell men suits for different occasions illustrates a man probably going to work in the morning. The male in the ad is shown as if he is about to perform sexual actions on the female in the picture laying on the counter of the kitchen half naked, and about to sip her cup of coffee. The woman is being used for the guy’s pleasure in the picture which makes her appear as if she's an object that is there to please the man every morning like a daily coffee cup.



Male dominance and control are greatly shown in this image. First looking at his position where he is standing over the woman that is laying on the kitchen table, the man is illustrated as if he's controlling the female and tells her to stay in place. Of course, this ad’s main goal is to sell the suit, that’s why they tried to emphasize the suit by undressing the women that is where the gender inequality gets seen. This ad is unfortunately marketing the wrong idea of man, where they are seen as very dominant and in need of sex like coffee on a daily basis.


In this picture, the woman is seen as a sexual object that is used to please men before work. This picture pushes the idea that women are beings that need to look attractive by being perfectly looking, half naked and of course obeys to what the man wants. The environment where the picture is taken also shows something that is very attached to the world women, which in this case is the kitchen. A kitchen is often a place where the woman is cooking rather than bending over to satisfy her male partner. The message being portrayed in this ad is that women are not as important as men, they do not need to look professional and ready to go to work but more as if they are ready to please men desires.




By representing the woman as a sexual object that is there to satisfy men’s desires can cause problematics. This shot illustrates the woman unrealistic beauty aspects and behaviors, it totally ignores the woman.

The sexual objectification of the woman in this men’s suit ad, promotes rape, sexual harassment, and impractical beauty. The female is shown as having zero power over the man, which downgrades the female image, “ Objectification is problematic because making women into things erases their desires” according to  “Women as sexual objects” in Miss Representation.





This advertisement promotes the wrong idea of beauty that tends to give young generations self-esteem problems that are the start of other problems in society such as exclusion and depression. This ad might have been seen by thousands or millions of people around the world. If young women get to see this ad they will mostly look at the female in the picture and in this case, the female figure is illustrated as a skinny blond well dressed or looking great half naked with perfect makeup on. This illustration of men suits can promote women to use surgery or other beauty techniques that are usually unhealthy to get accepted by societies standards of beauties.


 In m opinion, it is important to have some knowledge about current problems in our society such as how women are sexually objectified, gender inequality, violence. Especially because these problems cause unhealthy situations in our everyday lives and even worse for our growing new generations. People that are being exposed to degrading, violent images does not help to make society understand norms. The idea being portrayed in this ad should be reversed in a way where both genders are a part of it but none of them looks like the have a higher position over another. Advertisement companies should be pressured to change their way of advertising, by focusing on real everyday beauty rather than try to idealized everything to make it seem perfect when in real life it is not.


I would fix this ad by first of all dressing the woman and change the concept in which the couple is. This ad could show a couple getting breakfast together, looking both happy and well dressed going to work.The slogan could have been “great mornings comes with a great suit” rather than objectifying the woman to expose the suit.



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