The Place of a Woman Amongst Men

by Carte Blanche on September 12, 2015 - 11:59pm

If Dolce&Gabbana is a clothing company, then why does a woman without any clothes appear in their ad? Though the printed ad has no other caption then the name of the company, the message it is trying to convey comes loud and clear. By showing a naked woman sitting amongst a group of well-clothed men holding guns, drinking wine, it is being implied that men buying clothes from this company will give them power over women and enjoyment. The one woman in this advertisement is portrayed as a sex figure and is reduced to the level of an object that can be purchased by rich, educated and powerful men. While the ad is obviously targeting a male clientele using sexuality and power, it can be subconsciously painting the picture for women that in order to attract good looking rich men, they must expose themselves and appear attractive like the unrealistically thin naked woman in the advertisement who has a tiny waste and large breasts.

It is evident that there is a problem with this advertisement. Why do advertisement companies feel the need to sexualize and objectify woman to attract men? One might say that this is because men are “sexual creatures”, however this would be a generalization. Due to the patriarchal worldview that still governs much of our world and in which females are considered subordinates, males are taught in a subliminal way through media from a young age that they are sexual, powerful and stoic people. This can be illustrated by the emotionless expressions of the powerful-looking men in the advertisement. However there exists a larger reason as to why it is advantageous for advertisements to always display the same perfect body types over and over again (Newsome, 00:14:06). It is these powerful, perfect and realistically unattainable body types in advertisements that generate the purchase of all these products because viewers become anxious and insecure in their own bodies and strive to become like these photo-shopped attractive models by purchasing products sold by these companies (Newsome, 00:14:24). This is why ad companies use sexuality to attract males. However, while doing so, they also reinforce the need of sexuality in men who are looking at the advertisement. Not only does this advertisement brings fourth the problem of hyper sexualisation in publicity, but it also sheds light on the objectification of women. A woman is just as human and capable as a man, then why is she being treated as a buyable object or a decoration piece and plaything? It is due to advertisements and commercials like this that despite the equality laws in place and woman standing up for their rights for decades that woman are still not treated as equals to men. They are signalled from a young age that they are for the pleasure of men and men are signalled from a young age that they are to use a woman as they please.

This advertisement is extremely offensive towards women. If Dolce & Gabanna wanted to sell their brand to males, they should have done so using concrete facts that proved their brand to be better and more durable then other brands. If this same advertisement existed but just without the naked woman, the advertisement would have been more respectful. By objectifying women in their advertisement, Dolce&Gabbana risk having insulted a fairly big amount of their female clientele. 

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The reason why I chose to comment on your post is because D&G is known throughout the world and it is not the first time I hear about this fashion company disturbing ads. In my opinion this ad is beyond inappropriate and I agree with you that a naked woman sitting amongst a group of well-clothed men with guns and wine, gives people the idea that men who wear clothes from this brand gives them power over women and enjoyment, which totally not true. This kind of ads portray women being dominated by men and as a young woman I find this really offensive; women are not weaker than men and are as much capable as men. I remember I have read about Dolce & Gabbana's Spring collection 2013 where D&G made some earrings with a head of a black lady and there was much more racist imagery of black women in this collection. Dolce & Gabbana is not only reinforcing the gender stereotypes but also racism.
Media is shaping human thinking and that is why I think these kind of advertisement should not be accepted. This puts the young women and men to think that men have power over women and it puts the future generations at risk too since they will continue to believe in this stereotypes. I think there must be a stricter rules on fashion advertising and more actions made to change the face of fashion.