Women, Hair, Makeup and Society

by AngGee on September 5, 2014 - 12:58pm

How many times has a man complained that their wife or girlfriend takes too long to get ready? We know, we know, you love them for who they are not what they look like but did you ever stop to wonder that the face they're so delicately painting on isn't for you? Media has constructed a view of the ideal woman that coincidentally is an unattainable perfection. The vast amount of knowledge the internet contains is a whirlpool of toxic information of how to obtain being beautiful and critics on how you aren't that by being yourself. There are far too many human traits that are being depicted as flaws when they are simply the beauty of being human. The fact that we don't all look the same and that we each have a "quirk" is what makes each individual, male and female alike, unique and attractive. Young women of today are loosing sleep all in the pursuit of beauty. Beauty being a creation of the media for the media; no one in a magazine is perfect. The transformation that can be done with makeup technics alone is incredible, you can make yourself unrecognizable. Never mind that the swim suit ready bikini model whose body you're aspiring to replicate has been enhanced by media techs with photoshop. The undeniable reality is, that as much as media is feeding this ludicrous idea of "the perfect woman" society is the one buy into, utilizing and inturn justifying it.

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