Why men are sensitive about feminism

by Gnolk on September 5, 2014 - 4:28pm

Along with the progressive forces of feminism, people are more aware about the sexist problem and become rational to the equality of men and women, but even the issue of feminism has been out for over 100 years, a part of men still don’t have a clear understanding about what feminism is and still have a negative attitude about feminist, thinking they are all irrational men hater who wants to take away what men have. Honesty, from a personal male perspective, I understand what leads to such a extreme thought, before taking this class, I have no idea that feminism is about equality to all human beings, I thought they were only a group of radical women who wants to have more than what men had base on the long oppressive history that was caused by men. And why did some men like me have such thoughts or even worse thoughts about feminism? The arrogance and ignorance is sure a big part of it, but the way of how some extreme feminists express their thoughts also have a huge impact on how men think about them. Just like the movie from class yesterday, I didn’t care for it for the first 45 minutes; it was talking too much about how women get hurt from men and social media. Which I’m sorry but I don’t think women showing how much they got hurt from the society could make the quality to men, it sure makes the society focus more on the victims, but makes women more like a vulnerable group to men. In the end of the film, what Charlotte Whitton said: “Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, that’s not difficult”. It really shows the power of modern women, they can do it better than men, it’s not the pity that they need, but it’s the care and the help. That’s how women and men can substantially make equality of all people come true.




I really appreciated your post about feminism. It was honestly very interesting to hear a man’s perspective on finding out what feminism actually consists of and how he feels about it. However, I seem to disagree when you mention that all women need to succeed is care and help. What is actually needed is a change of ideology in our modern world. In his article, Andrew Reiner tell us a story about a boy getting a vaccination in which he is told by his father “to be a man” when he starts feeling pain. The boy processes this by transferring his pain into anger. This is a typical example of what can be seen strait out of the man box. As a toddler, boys are being thought to follow these rules who dictate that in order to be a man, you must be superior, strong, stoic, undefeatable etc. These concepts come into conflict with a women’s role in life because if a man is being told to act according to “The man box”, it leaves a limited amount of space for women to excel. Moreover, I would not only say that for women to succeed they need care and help because I strongly believe that shaping our society differently is essential in order to be more open-minded.

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I very much enjoyed your article and what you had to say. I totally agree with how you said even though more people are aware of feminism, there are still many people who don’t know what it is and who have a negative perception of what a feminist is. However, I think your argument about why men are sensitive about feminism was a bit too vague and ambiguous to be considered an argument. Although you did bring up some valid points, a lot of the things you said could be perceived in many different ways. For example, you brought up the question of why some men had such terrible preconceptions toward feminism? “The arrogance and ignorance is sure a big part of it, but how some extreme feminists express their thoughts also have a huge impact”. Arrogance and ignorance towards what? How did these feminists express their thoughts and what were they? For some people, this arrogance and ignorance could be perceived in a totally different way than others because everyone thinks differently. To me, your ‘argument’ was more of an opinion than an argument, but maybe if you justified what you meant a little more I could better understand what you were trying to say. I would love to hear back from you!

First things first, I would like to mention that it was really appreciated the way you expressed a different point of view, in this case yours, the one of a male. However, I think that the arguments could be a little bit stronger and precise about feminism. You also talked about a movie but as a exterior reader, I don’t know what you are talking about. A little summary of the movie and the arguments given would have been really helpful. You could also mention an article to back up your ideas and opinions. For example, this one from CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/21/politics/womens-march-wrap/ which explains the situation about women rights in 2017 and how it is important for feminism to continue to be active.

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