Why are Women Treated Differently then Men?

by max54321 on September 5, 2014 - 6:11pm

Around the world women and men are constantly not treated the same. Men are treated better than women. For example, if a man goes into a certain job, such as politics, he will be welcomed and treated with respect. However, if a women goes into the same job, she would be treated with less respect and as if she didn't know what she was doing. Also, another example of how women and men are treated differently is, if a women sleeps with multiple people she is considered a “slut” but if a man does the same he is praised. Why is it that there is this inequality between the genders? 


Since before time, men have been seen as dominant and in charge whereas women were behind the scenes and had no power. This was the beginning of women being treated worse than men. Since then, women have been starting to become more and more dominant but not totally. They still do not obtain the same treatment as men. Some people still have an old mentality and believe that women should only be cooking, cleaning and taking care of their children, instead of having good jobs. However, the reality is that most women get farther in schooling than men and have now been starting to get better jobs. So, why is it that that this difference exists? It shouldn't because everyone is equal. 


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