There is still room for improvement in our society.

by miiniie73 on September 5, 2014 - 10:56pm

In today's modern world we tend to think that everything's alright, that we've finally made it as a society and we can now enjoy life as we should have been doing since the beginning. African Americans obtained their fully deserved rights, women can vote and gay people can now get married and adopt children (in Canada and certain States that is). However, that is not really the case. We only see what we want to see, people of colour live carrying the weight of countless negative stereotypes because of the shade of their skin, homosexuals are judged daily for just being themselves and women keep being diminished and seen as a joke by all.

What differentiates the discrimination made towards women versus the other types is that most of us aren’t even aware it exists and just how much it has an impact on the western society as a whole. Since birth, little girls are taught that they must like pink, play with dolls, have beautiful hair and possess all the feminine qualities that are inherently attributed to women since forever, but that's already a big part of the problem. Why do we still view gender roles the same way as we did fifty years ago, knowing everything else has changed? Sadly, it will take time and much effort for women to ever truly be equal to men because of how badly they're portrayed by the media and how greatly social media controls our thoughts nowadays. Everywhere you look, from magazines to car adds, chances are you will see a beautiful young woman selling it because that's what girls are good for: being pretty. There are some strong minded girls out there who have all the ambition, determination and competitive skills needed to be a great leader or work in a position of power that few have the opportunity to be in, but they will struggle through so much, constantly being looked down on and spoken to in a condescending and patronizing manner that half of them will abandon their dreams and the rest will simply be criticized for basically breathing till the end of their career. Why? Because she is a woman, of course. We often use the phrase "it's 2014" to mean we are more advanced and know better but our minds are yet to think like it's really"2014".

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What caught my attention in your article is your writing style. You explained your arguments with some frustration of this inequality. I agree with you that women suffer from some stereotypes. Woman is the symbol of beauty and sensuality and social media feed these stereotypes. Like racism, women were seen like the minority group. Today, I think the gender inequality still there in some parts of our society but not everywhere. For example, they make less money than men, but legally speaking, they have the same rights of men. However, I don't agree with you when you said that a woman with ambition and determination would abandon her dreams because she's a woman. A woman who has ambition and determination has, today, the right and the power to realize her dreams. Women are strong. Why not be optimistic towards the power of women?

I agree with the fact that there is still room for improvement in our society. We may think that African American’s attaining their rights, legalizing gay marriage, ability for women to vote, etc… is enough but in reality, there is so much more that can be done. Just because African Americans or anyone from a minority group has attain their rights, it doesn’t mean that they are accepted by society. We turn a blind eye to racism because we don’t want to believe that it still persists. In the class race and racism, we discuss racism in the work force where some people aren’t hired based on the color of their skin or even their names. Some people have the mindset that only Caucasians are capable of doing a job when thus belief is only due to the fact that those of the minority aren’t given a chance to prove themselves and their potential. In the 21st century, we like to believe that racism is over and done with but in reality, even if we don’t realize it, we subconsciously have racist thoughts too.

The beginning of your post is strong and very relevant to modern society which drew me to your post. It is true that many believe that society today could not be any better. Everything is solved, racism, sexism and all those “bad” behaviors we used to have do not exist anymore. It is shocking however to find out that they all still exist today and very much part of people's daily life. Racism for example is still very present wherever you go. Asians still thought of as the best in math, Blacks as good as basketball, whites as the superior race and so on. Like you said many think that people from all races now have all the same rights and opportunities in life yet it is not true. Same thing goes for sexism where men are seen as better and often times stronger than women.

With time and a lot of effort for those who fight against these believes we might be able to one day have a society without these problems. People need to know that these types of discriminations are still occurring and that there needs to be an official end to it all. We simply need dedicated and strong advocates that will not give up and for people to spread these ideas of non-racism, non-sexism and so on.

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